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is it ok for a Catholic to read Rick Warren’s A Purpose Driven Life??:confused:. It is very popular but the author is a protestant and created his own church

Why would you want to read it?

There’s a lot better books to read than that. I don’t know what is wrong with it exactly since I haven’t read it, but I never recommend people read protestant books. Even C.S. Lewis gives me some trouble, though I do like a lot of what he says and I’ve read a lot of his books. If you don’t know your faith through and through then you should just read Catholic books until you do…that’s my rhyming philosophy.


Because it was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show of course, duuh! :rotfl:

Plenty of better Catholic books out there! Try reading some of the Saints’ writings!:thumbsup:

Absolutely nothing wrong in reading this book, I read it myself years ago.

Just because it’s not written by a Catholic doesn’t mean it has to be rejected and just because others reject it, they have no right to demand that you reject it.

The book may in fact help you in your Catholic faith.

God Bless

some of my friends including my brother read that book… knowing that the author is a protestant, there might be some parts that might conflict my catholic faith…

None that I read.

On a spiritual reading level, it was very elementary however.


It’s probably better to spend time getting to fully understand our faith. However, there’s nothing wrong with the book itself. I found it quite boring personally. Read some pre-V2 stuff if you really want spiritual challenges.

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