Spiritual Bothering

Had a spirit ‘in my body’ some time ago (I was a new Catechumen, previously steeped in sin). I thought this might be interesting. The initial experience was harrowing, but it grew more and more common/unnoticed/normal over time until, after 6 months of praying the Rosary, I felt relieved of the ‘evil spirit’. It took time though to eliminate this spirit that incited idleness/slothfulness within me though. If it is profitable, I’ll post the story/first dream that sort of… introduced myself to this ‘new spirit’.

If there are spirits bothering you, focus on the Guardian Angel and Michael the Archangel prayer from time to time. In learning new interior habits, it’s like water dripping on rocks; splash splash splash… ouch.

I think it was me being used to giving into bad habits versus good habits. I came from an… interesting background, followed by an interesting year of psychological studying :confused:

Anyway, devils inciting one toward bad habits could cause for interior spiritual… disposing toward that habit? Common sense told me yes…, lol

A good point.

It’s true, you can be followed around by demons. Some follow you around seemingly forever until you ask God to rid you of them. Sometimes fasting is the only way.

Binding prayers and renouncing of a certain sin or disposition help as well.

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