Spiritual Bullets

If you are not keenly aware of the next step Jesus is asking you to take in your spiritual growth, then you have “dropped the ball”.

Do you try to take the focus off of yourself by asking Jesus questions?

The degree of responsibility God give you when working in His Vineyard mirrors the degree of holiness you have attained.

Self-knowledge is the air your breath along the path to Heaven.

Unless you examine your conscience regularly you are saying to Jesus, “I don’t care about my sins”.

Do you believe that Jesus offers you a thrill of a lifetime instead of the “same old, same old” and “been there, done that” if you would only cooperate with the Divine Will?

Self-honesty encourages self-knowledge; which in turn encourages the soul to embrace God.

Don’t you think that the more you remove yourself from the world the less sin you will commit?

Why do you pray so little when you believe that it keeps you on the path to Heaven?

Don’t you think that if you prayed for your brothers and sisters, Jesus would have others pray for you?

many more at - spiritual-bullets.blogspot.com/

Thank you. I am printing this out and putting it up where i can see it.

there are lots more at the link I gave - pick out your favorites!!! - ha ha ha

Looks like self-righteous preaching to me. :shrug:

Talk about sending people into a depressed state.


Very nice. I’m printing it too. I’m also going to use it in RCIA. Thanks. God bless.

Are you kidding? Some very good truths can come from very short “bullets.” I doubt this post was intended as a point of accusation against others and an effort of self glorification.

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