Spiritual Dessert

Good day fellow Catholics!
It has been a while since I have posted and I greatly appreciate the support and advices I get here.
Couple of updates, we moved to a different state entirely out of faith. God has called us out here for a reason (my husband received a job offer here, so God gave us the means to get here) and now that we are here, we are waiting and praying for God to guide us and tell us what needs to be done.
Moving away from our support group, our ministry, my family and leaving my job for the sake of His calling was such a big test of trust. One of the reasons perhaps is for God to strengthen our marriage by teaching us to cleave on one another. Other than that, we do not know anything else.
So far based from what have been seeing in the new environment, we are placed in a spiritual dessert so to speak. No volunteer opportunities, churches are not filled, some of the pastors are strict on getting mobility in the ministry.
Before we moved here, we had a whole myriad of things, we volunteered for NET ministries, youth retreats apart from our service in our church ministry. All in all we were kept busy but in such a good way, we grew a lot in our faith through our service.
Now we struggle to find spiritual nourishment in this new place, even in the ministry that we are in seems to be dry as well.
I do not know if its God’s perfect placement or coincidence, our apartment is right smack in the middle of a high school, and elementary school and two Catholic schools. And with the nature of our service from where we came from, I have been inspired to somehow bring the ministry here but like what I have said before, some pastors don’t seem to care. I had a pastor tell me that he is more concerned on making a strong Catholic identity on the kids when they leave the school and I opened up certain ministries that I have the chance of volunteering for, he said he has heard of it but seemed to brush it aside and not do anything.
I believe that if you want to make that impact, you have to get the kids and youth involved as much as they can.
It seems like this place is barren, we are like in a dessert looking for water. I mean we go to mass on Sundays and days of obligation, but we want our faith to be more than just obligation and this place seem to not give us that nourishment. We both don’t know why God called us out here, but we are praying that He will show us the way and bring us to the right people.

Wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us.

I went to college in the Bay Area (UC Berkeley) and so I am familiar with San Leandro. My niece just gradulated from San Jose. I grew up in So Cal and many of my family are still there.

I know you and your husband will have a good ministry there and maybe the Lord prompted you there because He wants to light a fire again. It is hard to make generalizations but during my 30 years in Cali there really was a move away from churches and towards secularism. I think that has been a trend all over really but in large metropolitan areas it seems to be worse.

I will pray for you guys and your faith journey. The Lord will open the right doors at the right time :slight_smile: Many blessings!

Thank you for the encouragement! I know we have only been here for a month now and its still too early to make generalizations, but we have seen mostly. I mean we went around San Francisco and San Leandro looked more normal so to speak. I guess God has called us up here to light the fire, and I have been praying that God will really lead us to the right people. You cannot start a fire with soaking wet wood, that is my analogy. I am just so blessed that me and my husband are on fire for ministry and we feed off each other especially now that he is kind of having a hard time adjusting to work and seeing the work environment that he is in.
I told him to start praying over his workplace, his co workers and the people that he will encounter and talk to. He has been doing that and in one encounter the guard in his building came up to him bewildered and said, “You just said your prayers?” , we wear brown scapulars, bless our food before eating and do the sign of the Cross. We have had people look at us bewildered but we don’t care, we are not ashamed of our faith.
We are in serious need of prayers. we do not want our fire to be burned out.

I’ve had some spiritual experiences eating a bacon chocolate browning, and there was this white chocolate bread pudding once that was positively divine…

Or did you mean desert?


Dessert…desert…potato, potahto…hahahaha…my spelling is off. Desert as in sand, hot, snakes, no water, cactuses

I admit, prior to actually looking at the contents of this thread, to thinking it was from the clubhouse section. Thought maybe it was a culinary subject. Had it been, I’d have to say that frozen pudding ice cream is heavenly for me.

Now having read the contents…


Praying to the Holy Spirit to help you find nurturing for your spiritual growth & development.

I know right? I was thinking of Tiramisu which is eaten for a particular saint’s day…:smiley:

Jesus spent 30 years in a hidden life being obedient to His parents, He grew in grace and waxed strong. His public ministry lasted 3 years. The desert for some Christians was a place of solitude devoted to prayer and getting closer to God and soul searching. Sometimes we have to pull back by our own decisions or by God’s providence. Martha and Mary represented to types of spiritual life, one active, and one contemplative. Jesus said Mary (contemplative). had chosen the better part. We need to practice both, and there is a time and place for that as God provides There is a time for everything.

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