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I was looking for some advice on something I know very little about.

In looking for a spiritual director, is a person better off going with someone that they do not know or have contact with on a daily basis so as to decrease the possibility of awkwardness and possible embarrassment?

Here’s my situation… I feel very drawn to a certain priest. Like he’s possibly been put in my life for a specific reason. I don’t know if other people here believe that God puts people in your life, and that there are not very many coincidences but more towards the fate perspective- but I very much believe that. There has been a couple things happen to make me feel that God was the one who brought me to this man.

There have been many spiritual awakenings I guess you could call them that have taken place in me over the last year or so that lead me to believe that I do need a spiritual director to keep me from being misled, and help me grow in God’s wisdom. I’ve been putting off finding one for the last 4 months or so, because first I don’t know who I should talk to, and secondly because I’m a little afraid that whoever I go to will think I’m nuts or something and then if I see them on the street it will be awkward. So originally I tried to think of ways I could find answers to me questions anonymously, but then this priest came into my life that has really shown a very loving concern for me out of the blue without me even coming to him with any problems. I’m just afraid, because I think so much of him, and because he seems to think something of me too, that if he were to become my spiritual director he’d know the real me-the me that doesn’t always have her act together, and gets things messed up in her head sometimes. Then possibly we wouldn’t be able to have the same sort of relationship.

Does anyone have any advice for a lost soul? It would be much appreciated!

Some folks look for priests as spiritual directors precisely for the convenience/luxury of being able to confess one’s sins as light is shed upon them through spiritual direction. Others find working with non-priests just as rewarding. I met with a nun for a couple of years.

I would continue to pray for discerment about the matter. You could also tell the priest that you think you might be seeking a spiritual director, and ask if he has any advice for you. That would allow for an open exchange of ideas without putting him on the spot as to whether or not he could be yours.

A friend of mine (female) was in a similar situation of seeking a spiritual director, and she shared that she was concerned about causing scandal for the particular priest she had in mind. She is a beautiful young woman; devout Catholic, totally upright. The priest, same. She was protectively concerned for the priest’s reputation. I admired her for considering that, although I do think it’s terribly sad that we live in an age where she needed to do so.

Anyway, you might start by reading some of the past threads here. I did a search for “spiritual director” and 14 threads came up–I didn’t have time to read them for you, but you might find them beneficial. Good luck & God bless!


Thanks for your help. I’m still learning about this forum, and didn’t think of the search topic. Thanks for being so nice in the way you suggested it. You were very helpful.

God bless you


Thanks for your helpful advice. I’m still getting used to using this forum, and didn’t think of doing a search. Thank you so much for suggesting it so nicely to me.

God bless you

I chose a priest for spiritual direction because I was very impressed with the penance he gave me in Confession. I don’t go to him anymore but he’s very good; even though he’s the prior of an abbey, he made time for me. I recommend going to someone you trust who is in line with the Church. A friend told me about a priest who, when she Confessed to him, let her off really easily. (that’s wrong! she wanted penance and she’s not scrupulous) Then there are priests who are grouchy, impatient, and some even yell at people. I would stay away from them. Priests with a sense of humor are probably good spiritual directors. I recommend the CD “Confession”; you can order it free from catholicity.com/maryfoundation/confession.html

my Mother my Confidence,

[quote=for eternity]Stephanie-

Thanks for your helpful advice. I’m still getting used to using this forum, and didn’t think of doing a search. Thank you so much for suggesting it so nicely to me.

God bless you

You’re quite welcome! Hope there’s food for thought there. I’ll pray for you & your quest for direction tonight! God bless.

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