Spiritual direction

Does anyone know how to get a spiritual director? I want to get a spiritual director but I don’t know where to find one, or where to look. If anyone could help me I’d greatly appreciate it.

Firstly, welcome to CAF! I hope you enjoy your time here and it aids you on your faith journey.

I got my spiritual director by simply asking the assistant priest at my parish. I recommend you do something similar. Most priests have the proper training to make for good spiritual directors.

Another way to do it is to honestly ask yourself how far you would be willing to drive to receive good spiritual direction. Let’s say it’s an hour. Then look up how many churches are within an hour of where you drive and ask around to figure out which priest in that radius would be the best for you.

Hope that helps!

ask your priest to refer you to someone?

Ask your parish priest, if he can’t be your spiritual director then he will probably know someone who could be.
I’m still personally working on finding a spiritual director but a good piece of advice I was given was your spiritual director doesn’t necessarily have to be a priest. So if you know a religious brother or sister they might be able to offer you spiritual direction. I think I have even heard of some laity that have been trained in spiritual direction,
Also distance doesn’t have to be a stumbling block, my one friend goes to college in a different state than where her spiritual director lives so they do their sessions via phone calls. I think they try to meet in person as often as possible but that doesn’t always work.
Good luck!

Don’t forget to pray for one.

Good suggestions posted by others. I would check into the Vocations Office of the Diocese and see if they have any recommendations.

Personally for me I have always had a priest for my spiritual director. It’s just for me perferable and the only option out there. I like being able to go to Confession as well if I need too.

I met my present SD because I had questions about the CCC and well we met to discuss the CCC, and soon I asked him to be my SD and thanks be to God he agreed

I will be praying for you that you find the spiritual director that God wishes you to have.

A word of caution, make sure your spiritual director that you do get is one that is well grounded in the Magesterium of the Holy Church.

God bless.

Very true! This is probably the most important part.

Here’s a great post on the topic - you will probably find this helpful.

Actually they have minimal training as spiritual directors. They usually have one course on Pastoral Counseling which may include spiritual direction. Counseling is different than direction. Those priests who I know are spiritual directors have gone on for advanced training in spirituality or a related area. Also most parish priests don’t have the time for ongoing direction.

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