spiritual direction

Why is it so important that a spiritual director is a Priest?

A spiritual director doesn’t necessarily have to be a priest, although it can be.

At one time, I had a very good spiritual director who was a nun. She had a PhD, but I don’t remember what particular religious discipline it was in since I saw her so long ago, meaning was it Theology or Rel. Ed., etc.

If your spiritual director is a priest you can go to him for confession as well. But excellent spiritual directors come from all walks of life including deacons, religious brothers and sisters, and lay people.

It’s ideal that your spiritual director also be your confessor.

Im always a bit “spiritually alert” when it comes to a spiritual direction and spiritual directors…

A label does not, in and of itself, inspire spiritual confidence and trust…

I have heard that when you go to a Priest for pastoral counciling you actually go to someone who is more than a profession. Here we have Priesthood as well. I won’t get that with a lay person. What do you think?

It can be very helpful if your spiritual director is also your confessor. A brother, sister, or lay person can be a spiritual director. What matters most is that they are wise, humble, highly knowledgeable of the Faith, and that they love and respect the Church.

Pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and confession are all somewhat different and require different skills and talents. Only a priest can be your confessor. The Holy Spirit is ultimately your spiritual director and can work through different kinds of people.

On the other hand, it sounds like you feel that your spiritual director should be a priest. If that’s the case, then you should pray to find a priest who will direct you.

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