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What’s your opinion - how openly I should talk with my spiritual director about different problems in my past?
On December, 8 I hope to make my private vows, but very long time ago (about 8 or 10 years ago or so) I had a problem to live according to a private vow which I had during that time (serious failure). But since that time many things has changed and this previous sin isn’t a problem for me anymore… It’s not a part of my life anymore…
But must I discuss it with my spiritual director before making private vows again?
P.S. Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language… :rolleyes:


Any idea?


Well, you might just say that you had some issues in the past, but they are in the past. I don’t think you would have to go into detail. Unless it was serious enough that it might come up again. Of course, since it’s your spiritual director, you might want to talk it out. Your spiritual director can’t give much direction if they don’t know of any previous serious problem.


Ok, thanks a lot for the advice!


It depends on whether it’s an issue that requires confession or reconciliation, or if it is more of a private psychological or spiritual nature.

If you think it requires confession, then you need to see a priest.

If however you think it’s more of a private psychological or spiritual nature, then the ball is in your court. It seems to me you’re asking for some discussion of the particular problem you’re talking about, so you can really lay it to rest in your mind.

Anyhow, that’s how I see it.


If you’re discerning a vocation, this is pertinent information that he should be made aware of since it can determine whether or not you’re being called. It can save you a lot of distress in the long run. I didn’t tell my SD about my student loan debt for 2 years out of fear, bit now I regret not saying so.


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