Spiritual director and centering prayer


I’m in the midst of discerning a possible vocation to the consecrated life. One of the steps that I keep reading about in the process is having a spiritual director. In trying to find one, I noticed in the bulletin of a parish I go to that there’s one on staff. A red flag went up, however, when I saw that she also does Centering Prayer in the parish.

I’ve seen the stickies warning against Centering prayer on this forum. So do you think that this should “disqualify” her as an option for spiritual direction?


no. I would contact her and find more about her to see if she is right to be your spiritual director


I had a SD for a little while, but I stopped going when the process went the centering prayer and 70s touchy feelie route. I think I made the right move. I need someone who is traditional and “more God centered”, rather than feeling centered.


The “job” of a spiritual director is not to direct you down a path of spirituality of his/her choosing, it is to guide you down the path of spirituality that YOU are being called to. For example, suppose a Secular Carmelite went to an individual for spiritual direction, we’ll call him Ralph. Ralph needs to be able to direct the Secular Carmelite in Teresian Spirituality, not St. Ignatius’ spiritual exercises, not centering prayer, not the 12 steps of holiness of the daughters of the flaming dawn, One of the things they teach in the formation of spiritual directors, is that although not every director can know and practice every form of spirituality, they must be able to direct whoever comes to them in the spirituality the directee chooses.

If the director who is also involved in the parish centering program cannot do that, the you need a different director. If he/she can, then give the person a chance.


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