Spiritual Director

I am curious as to how one comes to find a spiritual director.

I am in a place in my life where I feel like I need some guidance/direction in my special life - and I think that I would benefit from having that in my life.

How do I find someone for this? What kinds of people act in this capacity?

I am also curious as to the cost of this - do you have to pay someone for this service? I really cannot afford another monthly bill…how much is it?


Spiritual Direction is a ministry. There is no charge for it. There are many people who are trained in the journey of the soul.

Do not assume that because someone is a deacon, priest or bishop he is trained in the soul’s journey to God. Mystical Theology is an elective in seminary training and it is usually one or two semesters. Mystical Theology is a field within the science of theology. There are people who specialize in this area.

You can begin with you local priest. Ask him if he does spiritual direction. Some priests do. They are either trained or they have done a great deal of reading. A deacon, religouis or a lay person may also be trained in spiritual direction.

In my experience, priests who belong to religious orders and congregations are usually good spiritual directors, because they have been through many years of training in the spiritual life as a pre-requisite to making final vows in their communities.

Hope this helps.


JR :slight_smile:

JR, thank you for the information. This is a subject which I’m greatly drawn to, as well as the OP.

I will keep your advice, in mind. God bless.

Also, look into older Sisters(nuns) or Brothers of different religious orders. Sometimes your priest can direct you to a Religious who is very good at spiritual direction.

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