Spiritual director?


What is it? And do you need one if you are discerning?


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What is it? And do you need one if you are discerning?


A spiritual director is a trained person (often, but not necessarily a priest or religious sister) who guides you in your spiritual path. Typically one meets with one's spiritual director about once a month or so.

If you are discerning a vocation to the priesthood or to the religious life, it is essential to have a very good spiritual director.


Do I absolutely have to have one?


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Do I absolutely have to have one?


It depends on what you mean when you say you are "discerning." What are you discerning? How will you know what the answer is, if you have no one to guide you? Who will introduce you to the Bishop and get you started on your formation, if it turns out that you have a vocation?


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Do I absolutely have to have one?

No, not now. But if you join seminary you will typically be assigned one.
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It is a beautiful thing. Find one who is a Priest would be my suggestion. Then you have someone who you are accountable to who can also give absolution when discussing/confessing the temptations all face in life. It is really great. A study guide is, "An introduction to the Devout Life" by St Francis DeSales.
St Francis also instructs one to have a partner on ones spiritual path. I would strongly suggest having a spiritual director.


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