Spiritual Director

I am in need of a long-term spiritual director, preferably in the Detroit area, though I suppose we could correspond in writing, if need be. I contacted the local Jesuit retreat house here, but the people available all charge for their services, and I am on a very tight budget. I need someone who will work on a volunteer basis, or for a very small fee, with flexible payment if I am short in any particular month.

I converted to Catholicism last year. I was an Episcopalian before that. While the denominations are very similar, there are issue I need to explore, with guidance from someone who knows their way around.

Any suggestions?

Just sent you a PM about this. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize you had to pay for spiritual direction. Yikes.

It varies - but generally, if you have a job - and you’re taking time from another person, it’s common to expect compensation for that time. Shop around. You should have access to a number of parishes - ask the administrators at each of these parishes to provide a spiritual director list.

Be careful in your selection of spiritual director! It needs to be a match. In my case, I had to find one that was very comfortable with the supernatural. I didn’t want to spend half the time exploring mental disorders - I needed to explore the gifts. So, I just asked up front about their comfort level with the supernatural. You will have your own topics to ask about.

My usual advice is to start with your parish. Ask your pastor to recommend spiritual directors he may know. Ask people you know who live holy lives to see who they recommend. Ask at a local monastery, convent, or retreat house and see what suggestions they have. Mostly, pray to the Holy Spirit.

That is a good point. I never really thought about it that way, my selfishness rears itself again.

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