Spiritual dryness


Sometimes we all feel like we are in the desert of Spiritual dryness. Let us pray for all who are there, that they find the oasis of love that is Jesus


I’m praying with you


Prayers for all those who are experiencing this now or who will in the future. May God carry them through and strengthen their faith.


Yes… I’ll be praying too!!



I will add my prayers :signofcross:




I’d like to offer the book, “When the Well Runs Dry” to someone who may like to read it. All I ask is that when you’re done, pass it on to someone else in the forum who needs it.




I’m praying with you. The spiritual struggle expressed in the letters of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta may bless us all:



Will keep in prayer all those who for any reason at all are experiencing spiritual dryness…


Lord let all that are feeling a lack of faith and a dry spell feel your presence and feel your love blooming within them and banish the lack of faith and dry spell from their hearts . Lord hold their hands and get them through it . Praise be to you Almighty Father ! thank you LORD , in the name of Jesus , amen . John


Praying here.


:crossrc:praying for this intention:crossrc:


Prayers. :gopray:


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