Spiritual Envy of anothers good?


Dear Forum

I feel called to Holy Priesthood.

However I have one problem. When I see the young Priests especially, I cant help but say "I want that too" especially when it comes to the MASS. If this is spiritual envy (which I sure hope its not :( ) Then I dont want Priesthood. I want to get rid of this call then if I am going to be envious. I dont want to be a Priest at the cost of my soul (sorry if that sounds selfish). I asked a FSSP Priest and he told me its something to be encouraged not thrown away (meaning the desire to be like the Young Priests). I dont want to be a Priest at the cost of the young Priests either.

Help!! IM so stuck!!


That doesnt sound like envy. That sounds like admiration and aspiration.


I agree with CrimsonThorn. I am confused as to what you;re worried about. Are you older and envy the youth, or are you just anxious and can’t wait to possibly be ordained? Either way, I don’t see a problem. I, too, wish I could say Mass, but I am a married man and either wasn’t truly called (wanted to be a priest in the 2nd grade and beyond) or turned my back on the call in the mess of the 60’s and 70’s. I’ve wondered more than ever what it is like to say Mass, especially the Consecration. I will never know. I hope you will fulfill your desire.


Im 17 years old, a wanna be Priest/Religious and I feel I have a vocation. This is such a mess for me, I desire to “Go into the ALTAR OF MY GOD and Offer up to HIM incensce” although I’m just so scared of being envious.

What exactly is envy of anothers spiritual good??


Probably wishing bad upon the person who is envied because they are in a position that you wish you were in.

The “if I cant have it neither should you” mentality.

In any case, you should probably be speaking to a priest about your wanting to be ordained. He could probably direct and guide you better than any of us here could.


Envy is sadness, or discontent at the excellence, good fortune or success of another person. Envy implies that I consider myself somehow deprived, but why deprived? Deprived by what I envy in another person, and even, incredibly that an injustice has been done to me, because that person has what I lack, or has succeeded at what I have failed.

Is that how you feel?

If that’s the case, bring it to confession. Anytime you feel an urge toward envy, stop yourself and give thanks to God that he has blessed this person with something so excellent. Praise God in his generosity toward sinners! This is the remedy. Continue on being open to God’s will in your life. May He bless you with growth in wisdom!


If you feel called to the priesthood then you should check some orders out... I'll be praying for you.


I have checked out some orders but still.... I dont want to envy!!

how awesome would it be, I daydream of...

Bowing over the Altar, me a sinner, tenderly touching my LORD, as I prepare to elevate HIM TO our HEAVENLY FATHER, IN expiation for my sins, for your sins, for our sins.

Bowing over the Altar, Me a sinner, clutching the Chalice that holds the VERY SAME BLOOD THAT FLOWED FOR MY SALVATION, 2,000 years ago, and elevating it to OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, wow, How I would love to do this, my souls one burning desire


Sitting in the Confessional, wearing the Purple Stole and hearing someone come in, rattling with the chains of sins and me, a sinner worthy of hell myself, IN PERSONA CHRISTI, absolve them of their sins and hearing satan scream in horror as his grip is broken.


pounding the pulpit, and teaching my Children (the Faithful) what is right, what is wrong and how to follow the Straight and Narrow path. '

and above all...

praying, praying and doing some more praying


No one is ‘worthy’ of the priesthood. In our humility we answer God’s call. Don’t worry about anything else. Focus your mind on your call and do what you need to be ready to take the next step.


[quote="mymamamary, post:4, topic:296145"]

What exactly is envy of anothers spiritual good??


I think that envy always has some kind of bitterness attached to it. It doesn't seem to me that you are envious, you have a desire to be a priest and when you see one that intensifies and is more obvious to you.

And if you are the "Introibo ad altare Dei" type, I say yes please become a priest!!! :thumbsup:




I don’t view the thoughts you describe as envious. Instead, maybe you want to do the same thing they are doing, and it looks appealing. It is not unusual for young folks to look at what others are doing, and think to themselves, “Hey, I could do that” or “I might want to do that too and I think I would be very good at it.” That should be encouraging to you. Follow up on that notion. Look for mentors, and as another said, consider the Orders.


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