Spiritual Lessons from 'The Golden Compass'

The upcoming release of “The Golden Compass,” based on the first book in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy, has been met with intense criticism from many Christians who see these books as an overtly anti-Christian tale intended to “sell atheism to kids.” But in my view such accusations are a misunderstanding of Pullman’s story.

In our book “Killing the Imposter God,” my co-author Jason King and I, theologians and Catholics ourselves, argue that “The Golden Compass” is a magnificent epic, filled with spiritual themes, Christian virtues, and a glorious vision of God. Click through this gallery to read the top 10 spiritual lessons from Pullman’s “The Golden Compass.”

Uh No

stove - you took the words right out of my mouth.

Talk abour reaching justification

having just finished all 3 books (I now need a complete system cleanse I am so sickened by them), no, anyone with the most basic command of the English language cannot fail to see the evil, nihilism and cynicism in the books, in the fictional world created by the author, and in the choices of the characters.

Where do you see evil, nihilism, and cynicism? Instead of sweeping statements, could you give some examples?

I think your remarks are as unfair as Pullman’s own remarks about Narnia.


I don’t know why people continually try to defend Pullman’s work as mere fiction or even try to say it has good Christian messages. Take the man at his own words! (yeah I know, Wikipedia, but still…

In 2003 during an interview, Pullman described his trilogy as books “that kill God in the minds of children” and in 2001 he also said that he would “undermine the basis of the Christian belief” The trilogy is written in opposition to C.S. Lewis’ saga The Chronicles of Narnia. Pullman even stated in an interview that he hated Lewis’s books and hated the Christian faith. In the last book, he writes that a girl and boy representing Adam and Eve kill God, who is called Yahweh, an old name for the Christian God.

This bad work by a man that hates God. It isn’t rocket science or some spectacularly intricate puzzle. The man hates God and wants to teach YOUR CHILDREN to hate God as well. Seems crystal clear to me.

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