Spiritual Marraige or Transforming Union


I am a secular discalced carmelite and we were finishing up The Dark Night by St. John of the Cross. I asked the question does anyone know of someone personally who has reached spiritual marraige?

Nobody knew anyone for sure. Are there secular people, carmelite or not, who has reached this level of perfection? If so, would they care to illumine the rest of us from the top of Mt. Carmel?

My point is how hard is it to reach this union in our hectic modern world? Food for thought?

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I don’t know, but our beloved late Pontiff was a Carmelite (via the scapular) and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he did reach it. He, as Pope, was a terribly busy man, too. Possibly, St. Padre Pio, also. I would wonder that about most all of the canonized Saints (and of any uncanonized saints that you know of). These two are certainly not secular, but the Pope, in this modern age, is probably busier than most people.


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Having read your doctors isn’t it supposed to be extemely rare to reach this state?

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But according to St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila, anyone with a normal Catholic life and in a state of grace should be able to achieve spiritual marraige. St. Teresa’s own father became a mystic.



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I’ll pray you can become a mystic. :smiley:

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It’s one thing to be a Catholic mystic and another to reach the state of spiritual marriage. The latter is the fruition of the former. Though those living in fidelity to Christ and His Church have this high road open to them, it is, as our Carmelite Doctors say, not the usual way for the faithful who more often than not stay on the lower roads. This is not, of course, because God has been miserly with His graces, but because of our lack of perseverance.

I agree with Brigid that our late Holy Father most probably reached spiritual marriage.


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