Spiritual resurrection in Russia


According to Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church, who is quoted by Moynihan, this turning back towards Christianity began in 1988, during the celebrations for the 1000-year anniversary of the coming of Christianity to Russia.

“From that moment there began…the revival of the Church throughout the former Soviet Union.” By the start of the 1990s hundreds of people were regularly seeking baptism in towns and villages all over the country. In the last 26 years Metropolitan Hilarion says, 26,000 churches have either been restored or opened, as well as 800 monasteries, filled with young monks and nuns. He comments that “all this has taken place in the very same era which in the West some call post-Christian.”

What a strange irony there is in all this; the West, formerly seen as a bastion of civilized values, based on their deeply Christian origins, has slipped almost as fast into a moral wilderness at the same time as the vast country once dominated by Communism has rediscovered its Christian roots and the inner transformation that comes with conversion.



Now if they’d only come back into communion with Rome.


God is good! :slight_smile: Our lady of Fatima, blessed be she! She prayed for Russia and it worked.

This gives me a great consolation. I been depressed of late and considering leaving Christianity for something more settled like Buddhism.:frowning: An atheist. he threw at my face how Christianity is in decline in the west, total lost. when modernism and development catches up with Africa, Asia South America, they will be the same. this is so disheartening. I wonder what does the future hold? this atheist, he is boasting that we are defeated and assuring others its just a matter of time before we are defeated everywhere. I was looking for a book on catholic prophecy to reassure me this is only a passing clod. the church will emerge triumphant after all. but so hard to believe these days. specially with the last synod.:frowning: this story reminded me of Fatima and I am glad. but I think Fatima failed.

our lady said to pray before Russia spreads errors all over the world. but Russia did spread the errors already. Look to the West. Atheism is on the rise. Christianity is ever more transforming into an illegal sect. They boast and we are left to stoop our heads.

Why did not our Lady prophecy the evils in the West like she prophesied about Russia in 1917? Why not about sex abuse scandals which habe made everyone feel ok to turn hostile to us? Why not about how many Christians woud abandon truth? At leas with Russia she gave hope. Is there no hope for the West? Why doesn’t she appear again to give hope to the fallen Western Christianity? I feel so defated. But the revival of Russia in my lifetime gives me hope. :slight_smile: God can do miracles. Let atheists boast and prophesy on a future they don’t know. the world may change in a flash beyond all their wild imagination. when communist empire fell, it seemed impossible for such a big thing to collapse in a day. And western secularism may also fall in a day. I just hope I can be faithful and not despair before then.




People have been predicting the collapse of Russia for centuries. They have been right. It has collapsed several times only to come back stronger. People are too hung up on the concept of “if present trends continue”. As for Europe/Russia, they may be secular or Christian or Muslim in the future. Nobody has a crystal ball.


We must never lose hope, but be part of the solution.


Luke 18:8
I say to you, that he will quickly revenge them. But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?

This verses is what pop’s to my mind when I look at Europe today and how we get persecuted by modernists and liberalists.
I’m so happy to hear how Russia is turning back to Christ it shows its possible.
I think the east is what may one day save human values from the so called ‘western values’ (in my opinion lack of).

I pray for The Orthodox Church together with my prayer for Rome.
Without realising it we actually fight the same war and should be allies.


But if you look at who actually goes to church regularly, it tells another story. It’s one thing for a country to build or restore a lot of churches with state help, but actual religious practice is another.

Interestingly, Nigeria is the most church-going nation on earth with 89% attendance weekly. The U.S. is down the list, but ahead of most developed countries, with 44%. Russia is at 2%.



I have my doubts about at least a few countries on that survey. As for Russia, I’ve never been there, but the most common answer I’ve gotten from friends and acquaintences who have, is that in the big cities like Moscow, St Petersburg, church attendance is poor, but in rural areas and small towns, the Orthodox Churches are packed.


Respectfully, I don’t know why the U of Michigan figures are so old but even that 44% figure looks like it is from 1997, so quite a while ago.

Still, demographics are a key, we have been through this before, the Russian Government actually has a cash incentive for women to bear children. Decades of an atheistic government and abortion being encouraged and high abortion rates which have still been high in recent years does provide them with a demographic challenge.


Funny according to many on this forum Putin is satan incarnate. But under his leadership Christianity goes from strength to strength. While in the west Christians can’t even open a cake shop without facing persecution from the government.


Funny how some defend a country with a heavy Muslim population that some predict will exceed the Christian population within decades over an attack against a Christian nation like Ukraine.

**Russian archpriest: The future belongs to Muslims **

Smirnov went on to say: ‘For this reason, the future will belong to the Muslims. The future is theirs. They will plough this land, because today’s Christians are not in need of these things.’


Of course, this pertains to much of the West, England, USA, etc. coined in the term ‘Death of the West’.

Are the demographic shifts exaggerrated? Yes, is there some truth to the shifts? Yes.

Russia should consider giving independence to regions like Chechnya and Dagestan.


The U.S should consider not giving weapons to terrorists and stop killing women and children.


Putin might not be Satan, but he’ll do until a worse one comes along. Well, Baghdadi probably has him beat in that department. Likely Kim Jong Un as well. Not sure Kim Jong Un qualifies, though, because he has not conquered another country as Putin has.

Something that needs to be considered. In the U.S., for example, the government has been taken over by people so close to being Marxist that it is difficult to distinguish them from it. That is not necessarily reflective of the people. Had Obama and his supporters been honest with the public in 2008, would he have won? Picture him saying, for example:

-I promise you that if I’m elected, your health insurance premiums will skyrocket unless you’re subsidized. A lot of you will be subsidized by being pushed onto Medicaid for the first time in your lives.
-I promise you that if I’m elected, I will ensure that you will not be able to keep your doctor.
-I promise you that if I’m elected, I will make nuns buy abortifacient coverage for themselves.
-I promise you that if I’m elected, I will guarantee that the Middle East will turn into a battleground between two groups of terrorists; one being Iran and the other being a new group. Both will persecute people for their religion and cut heads off to enforce their respective versions of Sharia law.
-If I’m elected, I will ensure that homosexual marriage will be the law of the land. I will require that the military conduct homosexual weddings, and will ensure that if your male employees want to show up in drag, you’ll have to pretend it’s normal and okay with you.
-If I’m elected, I will attack Libya and turn it over to Al Quaeda affiliated groups of terrorists.
-Elect me and I will make certain that no country trusts the United States.
-I promise if I am elected, I will encourage tens of thousands of Central American children to travel through Mexico, become prey to sex traffickers, and be settled secretly in your communities. I will make no effort to send them home or even keep track of them.
-and so on-

If Obama and his cadres had been honest with the people, he would never have been elected. People do not support him now. This is one situation in which the people are a great deal better than their government.

Likely the Russian people are much better than their government as well. But as with Obama, the outward show and appeal to base instincts can warp peoples’ better judgment.
With Obama, the appeal was “I’ll get you free healthcare at somebody else’s expense”. With Putin it’s “I’ll restore the Russian empire and thereby stroke your ethnic vanity”.


Here’s a source that purports to be more recent. Since the numbers are exactly the same, one might wonder, though. nairaland.com/1357651/church-attendance-most-recent-country


The statistic for Ireland of 84% is laughable and throws the list’s veracity into doubt straight away. Reading that figure had me raising an eyebrow. 40-45 percent would be more like it, maybe at the very most 50 percent. I assure you though 84 percent of people in Ireland do not attend Mass each week.


Yeah. It was 84% back in the early 80s and over 90% in the 70s according to Wikipedia. 84% is what some surveys say our number of “catholics” is but that’s very different from the number of Catholics. Wikipedia says that roughly 40% attend weekly mass in Ireland and the total percent of actual believers is probably less than that, not more(since most teenagers don’t believe and just go with their parents. Even some adults just go because they always did and don’t actually believe in half of the stuff),


And this ladies and gents is the reality of modern Ireland with regards to Mass attendance and not lists purporting to show that the number of people who are nominally Catholic equals the number who attend Mass in Ireland. I work in construction at the minute and a good 50 percent of the workforce is Irish, the older men often go to Mass when working Sundays and some have refused to work unless a hour can be set aside for them do so (as do some of the Spanish workers as we work mainly with mining and there are a lot of Spanish workers on board with us), however the younger Irish really mostly couldn’t care less and many of them are openly scathing about the Church. Remarks about the truthfulness of the faith from those under 40 often include some pretty choice language including the c word and f word been liberally applied to the clergy and the hierarchy of the Church.


Oh…what a falling off was there.


I’m very optimistic about Russia when I see things like this youtube.com/watch?v=20Fc6SOsyjY

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