Spiritual Warfare Analogy to Physical War

This may seem weird, but let me show you how I think about spiritual warfare. It is hard to make strategies, tactics,a and plan for scenarios in spiritual warfare, but it is easier if I use an analogy that works.
Spiritual Warfare-Air and WMD Warfare**
Cruise Missiles- One time prayers for a petition
Bombing Campaigns- Offensive prayer vigils or pro longed prayer
Air-Air Campaigns- Defensive prayer vigils and pro longed prayer, especially against occult.
Cleanup crews-Confession
chemical Warfare- Mortal sin
Biological Warfare- Addictions
Nuclear Weapons-Eucharist

Social Spiritual Warfare-Land Warfare
Intelligence, special ops, sabotage, infiltration, corruption- Sublime spiritual messages, propaganda, slow exposure to sin, evangelizing with your lifestyle.
Infantry- Verbally discussing or being invited to faith, or church, or sin. This is peer pressure, or a discussion about the faith.
Tanks, Heavy guns- Pamphlets, flyers, direct attacks in culture, slandering the church, political campaigning, direct apologetics, public events

Ecclesial Spiritual Warfare-Naval Warfare
Nuclear Armed Submarines- The Mass
Battleships and Destroyers: Direct evangelization and apolegetics, and political crusades and just like tanks, but THROUGH church groups, like a parish youth group or Catholic Answers or EWTN.
Aircraft Carriers- Prayer forums, chains, or organized prayer events, such as the Prayer Intentions of this forum.
Amphibious Tanks or Boats Carrying tanks- Direct Church resources organizing people do directly evangelize.

And I think of people almost as countries. I consider myself under martial law from enemy tanks and infantry of Lust division, meaning that I am bogged by impurity. And they have released their pornographic biological weapons, but I got that cleaned up yesterday. And I can sense those same forces at another friend’s border, so what do i do? Make sure they dont attack her through bases in my country( Make sure satan doesnt use ME to tempt her, then clear out the martial law in my country so i can use my forces offensively( get rid of my porn for good), and then launch a airstrikes, or prayer. IF these airstrikes should fail, which they might, I have two options I would do simultaneously-send aircraft carriers and put prayer requests out there, and invade the enemy on her ground with all 3 forms of land or social warfare. This probably seems weird, but its how I think about it.

Its weird, but anybody else do something similar?

I think in analogies like that a lot :slight_smile: The two things I find i need to be careful of is not to get caught up in the analogy to the point I forget the more import thing of what it’s an analogy *for, *and also not to carry the analogy too far.

Bullet - The Miraculous Medal
Machine gun - The Rosary

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