Spiritual warfare and the Rosary

Ok, I had something strange happen today that seems kinda crazy, but it makes me wonder if there is something more than “natural” but supernatural warfare happening? I am new to the rosary and have been feeling God’s love for my neighborhood, neighbors, etc. praying hard for them and I feel God guiding and progress in His kindgom. Well, the other day, I prayed the rosary and I felt a particular closeness to Him and His presence. I went for a walk and then when I came back I found a gold cross necklace hanging on my door! A neighbor had bought it for me :wink: A neighbor I had been praying for. The next morning when I got up to do errands with the car I noticed the right window rolled down. My rearview mirror was on the drivers floor side cracked with the rosary beads still intact on the rearview on the floor! I thought well maybe its a theif, but my GPS and money was still in the car. Then I thought well they really don’t like Catholics?! Someone with a grudge…but the strange thing, the right car seat the leather was like withered as if it had been exposed to a high heat or sat in the sun for ages and it was a strange wear pattern. I mean the cops didn’t know what to classify it as so they put it as criminal mischief. My neighbor said lightning. Well, I guess that is probable but wouldnt things be fried more? I just wonder if it was an incident of spiritual warfare? Anyways, I know it sounds crazy or strange, I even cringe to tell people that my rearview was struck by lightning which threw my rosary onto the floor. lol! Anyways, just wanted to hear any thoughts about the rosary and spiritual attacks. I will be hanging my beads again once my car is repaired! :wink:

Years ago on May 1, I needed to go to the bank before attending a meeting dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima (the group used to be called The Blue Army). Three things to keep in mind as this story unfolds: 1) May is a month normally devoted to Mary. 2) May 1, or May Day, is celebrated as a secular holiday among Communists. 3) Mary asked at Fatima that we pray the Rosary each day or else Russia would spread her errors (atheistic Communism) throughout the world.

So there I am waiting in a long line at the bank, mentally saying the Rosary, with the Rosary beads hidden so I could pray privately. Suddenly, I got this HUGE inspiration from the Holy Spirit to take my Fatima Rosary beads in both hands, stretch out both arms straight in front of me, and show the Rosary to all publicly while I prayed silently … even if it meant making a big fool of myself.

So that’s what I did … Now here I am in the bank, standing in line, holding up the Rosary for all to see. At that moment, the line moved. As I rounded the corner, I came face to face with a man who I now saw was wearing a t-shirt with a big, bold Communist symbol on it. Wow … What a confrontation!

He had his symbol of spiritual warfare openly displayed, and I had mine.

Makes you think …

Wow that’s an interesting story,and a bit scary,too.

I hope it’s just some natural phenomenon that’s difficult to explain, and not anything diabolic.
I’m a retired cop and would have written it up exactly the same,(criminal mischief).

I will pray on this for you to Archangel St. Michael…the protector.

If it happened to me…I would definitely get over to the local Church explain what happened to the local Priest and ask him to bless the car and me too…also keep some holy water in the glove box too…just to be on the safe side.

And I would double up on the praying, for protection and (if there is a dark force), as a statement to it…>>>My prayer is stronger than your “mischief”.>>…and so is Jesus ,Mary, and all the Saints. And my earthly army/fraternity of fellow supporting Catholics.

OK …prayer sent.
All the best to you and yours… I would be interested in an update, I hope all goes well for you.
Keep the Faith.

God Bless.
Peace…Martin Pastore.

The spiritual realm is indeed mysterious and sometimes frightening.

About one year ago, my wife bought and brought home a small covered glass dish, of the type used for jellies or marmalade. It was made in China, of course, still officially a communist nation. Before using it, I placed both pieces in the dishwasher along with cups and other items. Later that evening into the early morning, I was one the web in a room adjacent to the kitchen. Suddenly, from the silence, Crash! Tinkle! The sound of breaking glass. I looked around the house, but found nothing broken. Then, I opened the dishwasher. The lid of the Chinese glass dish had spontaneously shattered. How odd!, I thought - until I looked next to it: there sat my Saint Michael the Archangel coffee mug! It had a few small chips in it from flying glass shards, but remained intact. I had to disassemble the dishwasher to remove the remainder of the glass pieces from the filter assembly. Coincidence?

I don’t think so.

I don’t want to throw a monkeywrench into your story, but I have had glass shatter on me twice for no apparent reason.

Once a glass door on my tv stand shattered while my grandchildren were watching some Walt Disney movie. The glass just broke into pieces and went all over. It was fortunate that none of them were hurt.

And another time, a glass top on my kitchen table did the same thing. Nobody did anything to it, but it just shattered sending pieces of glass everywhere.

My own theory is that maybe it has something to do with the way the glass was made and age just did the trick.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

The incident with the rosary was probably a demonic act.

These things happen. I once put my church bulletin on the back seat of my car. It caught fire. A round hole was burned through the center but did not effect the leather seat underneath. People tend to take biiig liberty with natural causes to explain unnatural occurrences. It was conjectured that a driver in an adjacent lane flicked his cigarette out of his window and into my open window which then landed in the center of the bulletin and caused it to ignite…There was no cigarette butt. I don’t think lightening was your cause.

Each time a person faithfully prays the rosary it is an attack on the devil. He cringes each time you reach for it. We are the Church Militant. It is our obligation to battle Satan.

Keep up the good work.

Yes, I have read about spontaneous shattering of glass. It was the circumstances of this incident, combined with prior incidents, that caused me to suspect something in the spiritual realm. Even if not caused by spiritual activity, the message I derived from it remains. I still drink coffee from my Saint Michael mug, while the marmalade dish is long gone.

You can call me a simplistic idiot, but I will tell you what I liken the Rosary to - Dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz.

There is more power in the Rosary than we know. Pray it. Use it. Keep one on you or near you day and night. And never ever underestimate its power against evil. :slight_smile:

Well, as to being simple of heart, unless one turns and becomes like a child, they will never see the Kingdom of Heaven!

Hey Brother,
I hope all is going well and you are taking the varied advice of several posters.
After I sent my message of support, to you, about 1.5 hours later my computer stopped working.
I brought it to the computer fix-it place yesterday an they told me the “video card”? was fried. something to think about. I’m on a borrowed computer now. i hope nothing happens to it…but i wanted to get this message to you.
Take care.
God Bless.
Pray the Rosary.
Peace…Martin Pastore

You know that is strange that your computer got “fried” and the insurance guy said my car was hit by apparently lightning! Now this all happened after I started praying a new set of rosary beads an old friend showed up out of nowwhere and gave me. She said they were “blessed” by the pope and from the vatican. But she also showed up from staying at her friends house who is a psychic. My husband said bad stuff has happened to us ever since she stayed with us for a week and hung her rosary gift on our picture in the livingroom. He took the beads down when I wasnt home and put them away in the box. He says he she was a bad guest and wants nothing to do with her at that she doesnt act Catholic. So, I mean, Im amazed at my new rosary from the vatican but scared to pray it as well, because the source it came from is unsure and all kinds of strange stuff has been happening since I prayed it, my car struck by lighting on the rosary hanging on the rearview, my spouse and I arguing terribly, running out of money to pay bills, etc. etc. Maybe I should just go back to my favorite set of beads my friend from Ireland gave me that are blessed by the Dominican friars… not sure!!! wild though.

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