Spiritual warfare book online w/ my thoughts and a friend's thoughts about the page and my thoughts


The one about binding is a bit odd, sounding like some spell. It does make some mention of the power of Jesus, though, but as if it’s power stored in us we can use, as if a superpower, and not asked for prior to its usage. I could be wrong, though.

Another mentions a bunch of secret societies’ rarely-heard-of offshoots, which was a curiosity, but unnecessary for a prayer.

Another mentions homosexual acts as sins to disavow one self of, but also homophobia. You might as well mention separating one self from disliking those who commit the other sins–once again, unnecessary and replaceable by a sin that is more encompassing of it and the like , such as pharisaism or self-triumphalism.

Otherwise, it is kind of special in its covering all these spiritual influences, invited by us or passed down through generations, that could be behind bad decision making.

(friend’s response)

Sounds like the author is trying to educate us as he helps us break free. By creating long lists
of issues he lets us know what’s bad, and these lists also serve to jog our memories in case we
overlook one. Homophobia should be explained better. I’d say “hostile homophobia” which
leads us to condemn without loving, like the church of Ephesus in the book of Revelation.

I agree with you that there’s something wrong with the prayer about binding. Jesus never
prayed like that. He bound Legion, and that’s the most Jesus ever took on at one time.
There’s a real good book out by John Paul Jackson titled “Needless Casualties of War” which
describes the dangers of taking on too much, especially in spiritual warfare. Watch this
half hour interview with him: daystar.com/ondemand/spiritual-warfare-john-paul-jackson-j724/
For further proof in scripture of Satan’s temporary power approved by God read

I use some of those prayers but I do stay away from the ones where it’s says “I bind.” I will leave the binding up to St. Michael or Jesus. The prayers I use are Prayer against Malefice, Prayer for Inner Healing, Prayer for a Spiritual Canopy, and Destroying Demonic Influence. And the Anima Christi, of course. The rest sound weird to me or I’m not comfortable with wording.

As far as the list of sins, those are just suggestions as not all are tempted to every single one of those sins. I rather appreciated that it included homophobia it the list.

Pax Christi!

Weird, but worthy of rubbernecking.

God bless.

You cite non-Catholic sources i.e. an Evangelical ministry on some TV talk show and this is a Catholic forum.

Christ broke down the Gates of Hell and freed the Souls of the Faithful who were waiting for Him.

 This is not a spell or magick or magic this is simply  the pure power of God, the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven manifesting.  Jesus himself said in Luke 11;20 'But if it is by the finger of God that I drive out demons, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you."

It takes two things: Power & Authority. We have the Power by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Authority is hard to explain. In our private lives and those entrusted to us by God i.e. one’s family living under one’s roof, so to speak, we have the authority to bind spirits. Going to the neighbor’s home or anyone else, that is a job for a priest.

 The problem is spiritual usurping.  You have to be careful never place yourself in some sort of competition with God's priests.  Yet we have to pray for our neighbor as exemplified by Christ's Life and also in His parables.  We need fellowship with others like at the Mass and in prayer.

  God is the one who gives and takes lives, not Satan.  

  I am ill with the flu.   I will try to explain about strongholds. St. Paul expounds on this in his letters.


You are entitled to your opinions but citing non-Catholic sources in a Catholic forum is weak. I don’t know what you mean by traditional Catholicism because the whole history of the Church is about Spiritual Warfare. Private exorcisms by laity are expounded upon by St. Alphonsus de Liguori: “private exorcism is permissible to all Christians; solemn exorcism is permissible only to ministers who are appointed to it, and then only with the express permission of the bishop.”

Priests, members of religious orders , or lay persons with the charism of deliverancey use deliverance prayers (not the Roman Ritual of Exorcism) to expel evil spirits from the demonically obsessed and oppressed. Using deliverance prayers is known as private exorcism.

Frequently priests suggest people say these same prayers daily for themselves.  We are supposed to be blessed and to bless by the virtue of our Baptism.   

Christ took on all of Hell, Satan and his apostates, and defeated the whole lot of them.

 There are two kinds of fighters.  One that upon substaining an injury turns tail and runs away to hide.  The other is one that will fight to his last dying breath.

  The binding and loosening prayers are best said by any priest.   If  God has given you authority over something then you can say any binding and loosening prayer.  The problems arise when someone spiritually usurps just authority.

  There is a way to confront demonic strongholds and principalities in prayer.  But remember as laity our authority is restricted to that in which God has entrusted us.

I have the flu and I am really tired presently.  I will try better respond latter.  You have the right idea basically.  

Lux et Pax Christi vobiscum ,

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