spiritual warfare


Does anyone have any spiritual battles that have manifested themselves physically?


I would not state it so dramatically, but as I battled migraine headaches for years I came to realize that the headaches stuck when I was in particular need of quiet time devoted completely to silent listening and submission to God. When I reordered my life to build prayer, silence and contemplation into each day as essentials, just like food and sleep, my symptoms lessened. When a migraine did strike, I simply went in a dark room and abandoned myself to God, and gradually migraines became less frequent. from 4-5x month to 4x5 times a year, now once very 2-3 years.


you may or may not get the kind of responses your looking for/seeking to learn from.
people on this forum might have experiences of a sensible kind (seeing, feeling, hearing etc.) but that doesnt mean they will share it! :slight_smile:
another thing to keep in mind is that demons do not want their presence to be known. i would think that itd be only as an extreme or last ditch effort on their part to manifest themselves in such a way.
also, i dont think Our Lady allows them to, and she pretty much protects us across the board.

ask Her to stand next to you and stay close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

(by the way, one of my favorite titles for Mary -and also St. Joseph!- is Terror of Demons.)



I started to write a very long post about this , but realised it was about all me and didn’t give glory to God. I believe this is the reason that I have had attacks in the past. My pride. God showed great mercy to me and saved my life, He has helped my family immensly. I think God allows as much as we need to stay on His path and I need alot alot of help.The devil is an opportunist and will pick at you, but he can’t begin to compete with Gods will. God will bend him to His will. So anyone going through attacks, don’t worry about the attacker. Just try to find Gods will in it. Tim


Trying to regain custody of my eyes is actually a physical battle. It actually is painful when I know there is an opportunity for me to look and I restrain myself.


I agree with you 200%. You are the first person I have noted that has found a positive antidote for Migrain. I also used to get migrain I left the situation that was giving it to me and they lessened. I worked on what was causing the migrain and the effect was instantainous (almost). I can’t remember when l had the last.
I had an attack from satan last night while with my wife in prayer. I saw two people on a bike one riding on the seat and the other on the handlebars. God showed me that the two people represented two spirits the large one riding on the seat and the smaller one less active on the bars. In prayer God showed me that these two spirits were attacking my wife and me through the spirits attacking her.

We prayed and in time they were cast out of our midst. ( I won’t go into it).
But that was a situation.

God bless

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