Spirituality and Religous

I keep hearing some of my Protestant relatives say they desire to be spiritual, not religious.
Seems to be false definition of “religious” floating around.
I’d rather be devoted, disciplined, etc., than what I see these “spiritual” people exhibiting, which many times seems to be the “next fix” of a mountain top experience.

Of course some behaviors I’ve observed in my life before conversion would now cause me to question the presence of mental illness or a need for an exorcist.

And I am NOT here looking for argument.

What I’d like is to hear how other converts fight the stereotype of Catholicism being empty of the spirituality many evangelicals exhibit during 1 of their services, vs the awesome reverence shown during a mass. I believe that if,for instance, my own mother or sister, during a mass - if I got them to come to one - just up and started speaking in tongues or some of the other things they do in their churches, it would cause a quite irreverent scene at minimum.
Naturally I’d like to think theyd not do such things as it would clearly be to most sensible people, inappropriate, yet I still wonder “what if.”

In any case, spirituality seems more important to many nowadays than religion, yet I think those who say this miss what true religion is.

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