Spirituality and work

How do you combine your spirituality with your work, or do you?

I just started a new temporary assignment today. We get breaks and lunch, so I plan to bring spiritual books to read during that time. I also pray in my head to God when I get a chance. I have morning and evening prayers too.

You are definitely on the right track. Be sure to do everything for God’s honor and greater glory and for the salvation of souls. Keep your heart fixed on God and on loving him and do everything to fulfill his holy will. Tell him you love him often and ask Mary for her help with your work. God bless you!


Do your work in a spiritual way. Obeying both the letter an spirit of your boss’s instructions, for example. Looking out for the others, and being helpful when it isn’t a conflict with your own assignment. Listen to people’s stories. Ask them about their faith.

Exercising spirituality is the other half of learning about spirituality; if it doesn’t pay off in terms of ever-improving relationships with others – and not just others who believe the same things as you – then it needs more exercise.

Sure, read spiritual books, but you can also do that alone. Don’t lose the opportunity to develop relationships with coworkers. You can do some of each. :thumbsup:

And IMO one of the best things you can do if you have 10-15 minutes of quiet time, is sit still in silent gaze of faith toward the Lord, aka contemplative prayer. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re in for a treat. Start by checking out CCC 2700-2724.


Good job, Lisa! You have a heart for God, turning to Him whenever you can throughout your day. Keep it up!

I bring my prayerbook In Conversation With God to work wih me. The meditations are short enough to read anytime (even when you’re taking a bathroom “break”). They help guide my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. They’re rock solid, too. no fluff, but not too technical. Other than that, I just talk to God and give him my thoughts.

Good suggestions so far.

Another way is to offer periods of work to God, for this or that intention.

Then “turn to” that work with all your heart, strength, doing it as well as you can. As your attention flags, bear down for another few minutes, offering your effort to God.

This way work becomes prayer.

Thanks all for your comments so far–please keep them coming.

I am getting to know my coworkers as well. I had lunch with two really nice women yesterday.

Edward, I really like this idea of offering up work to God. I plan to offer up my work today for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings as they’ve been on my heart.

I traded a great career as a research psychologist so I could become a devout Catholic. This career almost demanded that a person denounces science in favor of spirituality.

Many excellent points. The relationships point is key…this is where slow apostolate enters the picture. How we handle events…moved deadlines, irate bosses, project setbacks and successes, personalities, uncertainties, speaks volumes. It is in these circumstances where our daily prayer life can give us the bouyancy and cheerfulness and fortitude to be the “steady Eddy” in the work group. Over time by using the material of work and the demands of our work to build our human virtue (patience, industriousness, attention to detail, generosity of spirit, etc.) we can help others with their own work or life struggles. Quiet friendly natural apostolate (never evangelism) in the work place.

Friendships develop, aided by a growing reputation for being a great and friendly worker…and this way over the years the Holy Spirit can “work” quietly with people you work with. They begin to ask questions and ask for advice on many matters.



Great suggestions here. I would add, be fully attentive to your work in each moment without allowing your mind to wander. God is immanent and fully present in each moment, so present-moment awareness is God awareness; giving yourself fully to your responsibilities moment-to-moment IS giving yourself to Him. Then when you leave work, LEAVE work, until you clock back in the next day; don’t bring your work home with you in your mind. Work fully, mindfully and attentively, then give yourself to the rest of your life fully, mindfully and attentively.

Reading books is a good way of learning so like others are saying a good start.

Spirituality includes about being there for others so be attentive to that whilst you may have a nose in the book at break times… this may put up barriers to colleagues.

Spirituality includes getting to know colleagues on a friendship which you can achieve through the breaks too. Find something of common interest to talk about with them. Help them out at work so they know you are committed and reliable without being too easily overloaded etc.

You can offer the work as prayer to God as I think Alan has already covered. :thumbsup:

Some good comments here and I thought I’d add to what I saw from Alan, Edward and Forkfoot in particular …

In *each and every moment * strive to be aware of the purity of your heart by asking yourself two very simple questions:

  1. Am I mindful and attentive to God, loving Him silently and secretly in the tabernacle of my heart while going about fulfilling the duties of my state in life?

  2. Am I doing my best to love whoever happens to be in my midst?

Our heart is a hermitage that can be taken everywhere (and not just work). And love, of course, takes all the forms posters have already mentioned: being patient, kind, giving a helping hand etc. But it also means biting one’s tongue or doing the will of another simply for the sake of doing it … an infinite number of possibilities.

Living in the present moment … practicing the presence of God: this is about as simple as things get. Simplicity, of course, being a hallmark of true and deep spirituality.

Just my :twocents:

Dave :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the input. I have gotten to know a lot of fellow scorers and try to stay positive and supportive. I have scored before 2 years ago (although a different project). One of the new people and I have eaten lunch together every day. We are doing training and then will take exams to qualify to work on the project, so there is a lot to do. I find when I stay focused on God I am much calmer.

What’s a “scorer?”

It is short for test scorer. I work for a company which employs individuals on a seasonal basis to score exams for different states.

Thank you! :tiphat:


You’re welcome. I really like the job and would love to do it all year. It’s a great way to earn some side money for those with bachelors degrees or higher.

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