Spirituality of Unemployment

I was laid off last October because of a reorganization and downsizing in the mental health system here in Oregon. It was a blow; however the Holy Spirit promted me to take stock and look at all the things that I had put off because I “didn’t have time” for them. I began applying myself to these things:
Spend time with my husband’s parents and helping them with chores, doctor’s visits, etc
Learning how to make Rosaries
Cleaning up the Clutter around me
Volunteering at Church
Scanning old family photos
Spending time with my 20-year old son
Praying more
Reading more[/LIST]

Since that time my father-in-law has been at the hospital for apparent heart problems. I drove my mother-in-law back and forth. I helped my mother-in-law clean out her spare room. I mopped floors and washed dishes at their home. I spent time praying with them and playing with them.

My husband lost his job at the end of Janauary. Last week his mother went to the hospital with an abcess in her liver. My husband had been to the hospital and now the care facility daily. I have been their for the past 4 days.

When looking at our job losses, I can’t help but think that God has a plan for us. God knew we would be needed. Everyday, many times a day I tell myself that Our Father will provide for us.

Are there any of you who have experienced this kind of loss and this kind of blessing?

Yes, indeed. Your experience is similar, in many ways… to my own.

Our Lord had plans for me… and He “worked” on me, for about 2 years before I finally understood what He was asking me to do… and obeyed Him. It was His Will, that I care for my elderly mother (who will be 87, in May… Praise God! :gopray2: ). Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007.

I tried as hard as I could… to hang onto my job and my life… such as it was. During that time, we were fallen away from the practice of the faith; and our extended family (2 sisters, nephew, niece, aunt and several cousins) all deserted us… and returned home to California.

During the worst time in my life, (through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother)… Our Merciful Lord, called us back to the Catholic Church and made it crystal clear what He was asking of me. I finally realized… that I was to become my mothers full time caregiver, until He is ready to call her Home.

That has been my vocation now, for a full year. I sometimes worry about “what’s next”… but I’m still a work in progress :smiley: Jesus is patiently teaching me how to place ALL of my trust in Him.

God bless you for all you do for your inlaws! And I’m so happy to hear of the extra time you now have for prayer and your family.

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