How can I evangelize those that say I only need to have a relationship with God and just be spiritual, thats all I need.
I know that for me when I used to say that it meant that I didn’t want to be held accountable for my life of sin, I didnt want to hear that I needed to go to church. Or that I needed to go to confession. It was a multidtude of reasons why I would say that and use that excuse all the time when I was confronted with the prospect of religion. Although I knew in the back of my head I was dead wrong on my views, I know better now and only realize that my errors and own agenda kept me from coming back. So I guess I want to know what to say to people when they come to me and tell me that to be spiritual is enough and that will grant them heaven.
In looking back I had to really humble myself enough to know that that was not enough and I took the innitiative to relearn what the Church taught I fought some doctrines while others were very easy to understand. It has taken me a long time to come to where I am at now and I am still a work in progress. Despite myself I try to live by the church’s teachings. I know that my testimony isnt enough to persuade anybody into anything only God can do that. I try to plant little seeds here and there.
Anyways I hear this alot from my dh family and at times I just dont really know what to say.


In my theology class, there are people who think Catholicism is confining: there are too many rules, religious preferences are just personal preferences, there is no one true faith…and just having a spiritual side is enough for them. I told these people in my class Catholicism offers tools to deepen your spirituality as well as foster a relationship with God. When approached with a faithful and willing heart, Catholicism is not confining but offers more freedom and completeness than spirituality alone could ever offer.


You know what you are right I dont know why I tend forget. I guess my zeal is has just taken back seat with all that goes on in my life. It is true that Catholicsim (sp) is very freeing and I love love love it but I guess I get stumped for words and try as I might sometimes I just dont have the right answers.
I just hear too many times that Spiritualty only will deepen their relationship with God but in reality they also tend to get ideas from other religions and call that spiritualty. I call it ‘all over the place’ but thats just me.


Ask them for their basis for that belief. If it is a personal opinion, ask if they believe God’s truth is according to his/her opinion? Or if they believe in Scripture, it might help to ask them why the Bible is so long. And if a person gets divisive, it is sometimes best to evangelize without using words, and by your example instead. :slight_smile:


Perhaps you would do well to read the writings of th Church Fathers against Pelagianism, which is exactly the sort of heresy to which this brand of spritituality owes its lineage.


The late Dorothy L. Sayers (an Anglican) wrote a small book, Creed or Chaos?, that addresses your concern. I think you would find it insightful and helpful:



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