Spiritually dry, but longing for God

Hello to fellow CAF friends:

I feel like I am praying less, and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open at night. My genetic disorder is getting worse, and I can’t access confession.

But I am just longing for God so much.

I just want to be at Mass and receive the Eucharist. I want to go to Adoration. I want to go to church. I miss it so much. If only I had the ability to go somewhere on my own!

Does anyone feel the same? I feel dry yet wanting to be with Christ.

I just hope that this pandemic is over soon.

Since the second wave of the pandemic is sweeping the world, I feel that my desire to be with Christ is stronger than ever. I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it will be to be at Mass.


That’s beautiful! Do you live anyplace where a Mass might be available in the next diocese or across state/province lines? It’s amazing how vastly the coronavirus varies from diocese to diocese. :roll_eyes: Could a priest from another church bring you Communion?

I just found a priest who can give me confession! I am going to contact him.


Perhaps you need to pray earlier in the day, upon waking, or at mid-day. You can also pray short prayers throughout the day, it doesn’t have to be a big long block of prayer all at once.

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Life throws all sorts of things at us, but I believe God knows the way we choose.
Like, we feel lazy and don’t “want” to pray, but we decide to pray anyway.

Which is harder than to pray when it’s fun and you’re getting all sorts of groovy kumbaya feelings.

He knows.


I’m one like you. Just months ago, I was so happily praying to Jesus (and the Virgin Mother) though things weren’t going right. Even so, I felt the sense of belongingness to the Lord. And yet, these days, I feel sad and lost, and not wanting to pray. My trust in Him is still strong though.

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Can you build an altar or prayer room in your house, go on youtube and watch live adoration there!
The bible talks about having a prayer closet, how about a dark room where you connect with Jesus?
Why don’t you try out some things since we cannot get access to churches, and theres no guarentee when they will give us the church back,

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‘Your progress in spiritual life does not consist in having the grace of consolation, but in enduring its withdrawal with humility, resignation, and patience, so that you neither become listless in prayer nor neglect your other duties in the least; but on the contrary do what you can do as well as you know how, and do not neglect yourself completely because of your dryness or anxiety of mind.’ - The Imitation of Christ

I was actually thinking about praying the liturgy of hours.

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Depending on who you are personality-wise, it could be a great help.

I need structure, and I don’t know where I would be without the LoTH, particularly now we’re in a semi-lockdown again.

I find the LoTH has this incredible way of reaching to me – either because it echoes so well my own feelings, or because it helps me reconnect with joy even tough I’m not having a happy day, or because a psalm will suddenly and unexpectedly open a door I thought was closed.


Pray anyway! When we pray without feelings we can grow spiritually. The Lord hears us and is very close to us.


We may get the vaccine out by the end of the year, Pfizer announced Monday theirs was 90% effective. I know President Trump had rollout plans, we will see how this goes. So maybe we can all go to Mass soon enough…just keep on keeping on. Perseverance! God bless

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I have a small altar by my bedside. I should watch adoration sometime!

You are absolutely right. I am starting my night with the evening memorial often these days. I broke my back so I’m praying while lying down.


Praying for your back to heal through Christ.

Lord send your angels Saints and Mother tocomfort
Pulchtaesamicanea (sp) for healing. I am so sorry to read this, but have faith in your recovery.

Thank you for your prayers.

I was really hopeful in attending confession, but my back is hurting so much to participate in one.

Today I am feeling slightly better. I hope to recover quickly so I can be more closer to God.

I found a priest who can come to my home to do it, but now I’m having severe back problems. It’s the worst timing. Plus the COVID-19 pandemic is making things so difficult.

Thank you for your prayers. God bless you :pray:

I am still here for you. I hope the priest can come we all had ro learn zoom here

Yeah, it would be rather convenient for me to do it over Zoom because I use it for meetings. I would have to ask the Father if he can do it over Zoom.

@camoderator i meant in my area not Here and will correct

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