SPLIT: 3 PM Sunday Mass w/ alternate reading fulfull obligation?

[edited] some of you may know the answer to this question…

Will a late Sunday afternoon Mass (3:00 PM) count as one’s Sunday obligation if the readings for a confirmation Mass are used in place of the Sunday readings?


A confirmation Mass uses different readings? Why? We don’t do that when our confirmations fall on a Sunday afternoon/evening.

But even if it does it fulfills the obligation.

To fulfill your obligation to go to Mass on a given day, you must physically attend a Mass in any Catholic Rite on that day. It doesn’t matter what feast is being celebrated, if it is Latin Rite, Eastern Rite, or whatever. If it is technically speaking a valid Catholic Mass during the time frame for that liturgical day, it fulfills the obligation, regardless of any other circumstances (the Rite the Mass is in, the particular celebration of the day, any abuses, etc.). So Mass on Saturday evening fulfills the obligation since Sundays on the Church calendar are longer than 24 hours. The same is true for Holy Days of Obligation & their vigils.

[Edit: Essentially, if you are obligated to “go to Mass on Sunday”, then that means that you must “go to an actual Mass on Sunday” in the literal sense of the term.]

In regards to what readings are done at a Confirmation, it depends on what the rubrics say. Confirmation Masses are Masses of the Holy Spirit, but if it is done on Sunday, then the bishop (or priest with authority from the bishop) can celebrate either the Mass of the Holy Spirit, or the Mass of the Sunday. We could possibly be here for a while if we want to get into the details.

Which readings are proclaimed have nothing at all to do with whether or not a Catholic fulfills the Sunday obligation. If you attend a Mass on Sunday (or anytime after 4 PM on Saturday), you have fulfilled the obligation. Period.

There are liturgical norms in place for which readings belong at which Mass. But these norms (while they should be followed, of course) don’t have any bearing on the fact that as long as you attend a Mass, you have fulfilled the obligation.

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