SPLIT: Adopted children's baptism


I to have this situation, I'm trying to obtain records of my adopted children's baptism. They are all siblings 7, 11 & 15. Adopted from Russia in 2006. The older 2 children remember being baptized by family likely. My youngest would have been in the orphanage. I have heard they have practice now of baptizing in baby house orphanages there.

According to the post, all my children would have been baptized, confirmed and received communion? If I can obtain records?

My parish still requires classes for all them, which is fine. They need catechism obviously. Aside from that, could they all receive communion if I obtain records? Would they be catholic?
I am Catholic, I'm praying my wife will convert also. She was raised Apostolic Luthren.

(Interesting: I'm having problems getting a reply to my inquiry from the Russian Orthodox Church in Russian. I have had luck getting a reply from a Catholic church in Russia, they are going to try to get answers. If anyone has a contact w/ the ROC I would greatly appreciate it.)





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