SPLIT: Choir and orchastra at Mass okay in Lent?



Last Monday, we had special mass for 40th Signis Indonesia Annual Assembly. The celebrant was a bishop and we had 30 priests in attendance/ co-celebrants.

My question, can the choir be special with musical instruments (photo attached)? Or can it be special mass (votive mass)? What are the excuse that it is acceptable for this.

Thanks & God bless you.


@ Vince2Paul,
This look like a lovely choir and orchestra. I’m sure it was a lovely Mass. I know that it is not usual to have extra instruments for Mass during Lent, but since this was a special occasion, with the bishop in attendance, I’m sure he would know best. This somehow has a very traditional and respectful look to me, not like it is pop-styled or inappropriate for Mass. Congratulations on the 40 year anniversary - - it seems like you have a strong Catholic community there!



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