SPLIT: Confirmation name


I’m considering the additional name, and I have a patron saint picked out, but I was just curious-would my added name be that of my patron saint’s? Thanks :slight_smile:




I’m not sure by what you mean by “the additional name.”

If you’re talking about a legal name, then you can pick anything you want and go through whatever procedure you need to make it legal.

If you’re talking about a confirmation name, then the name is the name of your patron saint. The only time that name will ever be used is during the confirmation ceremony itself. IF you choose a different name – and there is no need to do so; your baptismal name is just fine – then instead of using your baptismal name, the bishop will use your confirmation name.

If your name is Mary Smith and you choose St. Scholastica as your patron saint, the bishop will say, “Scholastica, be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.”


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