SPLIT: Food intolerances and the Mass

Having a picky eater and not dressing up for Mass is two different things. A person can have a alergic reaction to certain foods that can end them up in a hospital. I have witnessed it. My Mom has a reaction to onions, certain shell fish and msg. Even if any of them is in or touches any part of the food she gets sick. People can get sued for this! Also, at Mass if someone has a reaction to gluten, they do make a host that is gluten free. I will go out of my way to be accommodating when I have guests, family and friends over. This may have been off topic. I just wanted to show that this may have been a bad analogy.

True, but if it was my kid going over to another persons house for dinner, I’d make sure that the other parents knew of any allergies before allowing them to go to another house for dinner. Especially if it’s a very serious allergy. It didn’t sound like that was the case here. The kid used the word “like.”

A gluten free host also cannot be validy consecrated. They have very low gluten, but none that are completely free of it. Such people are of course welcome to receive the Precious Blood.


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