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My daughter is 11 and has cancer - My son is a United States Marine and until today was in a hot hot hot zone in Afghanistan. I've been tough for a year against the worries and issues my children are facing...and we all pray. My son uses a military bible...and my daughter prays with us every evening. But, I was feeling despair and losing a grip on the gift of "toughness" that God has given me. I do not know why, but one day at work I looked up the Basilica at Carey....and I couldn't pull myself away. I almost immediately found the schedule for the Healing Mass and knew that I should take my daughter and go. I do not believe "I" did this, I believe my guardian angel, the Holy Spirit or someone up there guided me to do this.

Well, we went to the Mass and the healing ceremony afterward. It was amazing. My daughter said she felt tingling at her biopsy spot and that she felt so relaxed. She said she felt she wanted to lay back, but didn't need to because she asked God while we were in line not to lay her down - she was too nervous and self-conscious to lay down.

When the priest prayed over me, I shook from head-to-toe and tears just kept rolling down my face. Afterward I had a dull head-ache and I just kept weeping I felt a feeling of sorrow for almost an entire day afterward. I don't know how to interpret the sorrowful feeling and the urge to keep on crying. I want to think that the Holy Spirit was pulling all the worry and anxiety out and the crying is cleansing. Does that make sense?




Yes, tears can be a release of bottled up feelings and tensions.


That seems to be much like my relationship with God. I might pray for guidance, help, healing..and struggle on my own with it for ages. But, when I'm humble enough that sorrowful tears come ,,, I think I have arrived at the place God can finally work. It just seems my answers,,my answered prayer,,comes close behind those tears. I'v tried to view them as the rain before the rainbow in my life now.

I shall pray for your daughter much,,and also for your son,,and YOU.

God bless,



Thanks so much :grouphug:

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