SPLIT: Illicit to celebrate Solemnity again on Sunday?


in the country I’m in the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ is celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. That we celebrated. But the priest in the parish also decided to celebrate it again on the 12th Sunday of ordinary time. Since the Feast is a Feast on the day it should be celebrated, can it also be celebrated a second time, replacing the Sunday Mass that would be normally celebrated? Or would this be an example of an illicit Mass too?? That’s where I was trying to register, but … Thanks, Gary Charles





First, here’s the liturgical norm
58. For the pastoral advantage of the people, it is permissible to observe on the Sundays in Ordinary Time those celebrations that fall during the week and have special appeal to the devotion of the faithful, provided the celebrations take precedence over these Sundays in the Table of Liturgical Days. The Mass for such celebrations may be used at all the Masses at which a congregation is present.

That’s from the General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar
That document is part of the Roman Missal. It’s liturgical law.

So, Corpus Christi can be observed on a Sunday in Ordinary Time.

What I’m not exactly sure about, is whether this can be done when the Solemnity itself is already a Holy Day of Obligation. The intent behind the norm is that the feast can be celebrated on a Sunday because otherwise, many of the faithful would miss the opportunity to celebrate the feast. However, when Corpus Christi is maintained as a Holy Day of Obligation on its proper day, the presumption is that the faithful do have that opportunity already. I don’t think that #58 was intended to be used to completely repeat the feast day.

If Corpus Christi (on Thursday) is not a Holy Day of Obligation, then it certainly can be observed in the parish on the following Sunday—that much is clear. Even if he does celebrate it on Sunday, that doesn’t prohibit the priest from also celebrating CC on the proper day, because “it is permissible to observe” is not the same as “it is moved.”

If it’s done as a repeat for the entire parish (again, with Thursday as a day of Obligation)? I don’t see that as being in harmony with the intent of the law, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s outright illicit.


Thanks Fr. David!!!


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