SPLIT: Is this simony?

I just has this happen. They didn’t ask how much I had but flat out refused when I mentioned I had less than the amount they suggest. (vent) They didn’t stop there though, they said they already did that for me once this year. They saw that Other Person
had put it down so they left it. I felt humiliated. It is simony.

I think every priest is different. In our diocese the Mass stipend is $10, but our priests aren’t really sticklers about it. I had a Mass novena offered for a priest ($90), and when I offered the priest money, he turned it away because it was for one of their priests. My friend is also a priest, and I asked him to do a Mass novena for another priest ($90), when I asked him about a stipend amount, he told me, “yeah, I don’t know. You can just send me some money. I just give it away anyways to those people collecting for charity anyways. It’s not like I need the money because I get a salary.” When I was asking our priest for a Mass intention, I forgot to give him money, and just as I was walking out of the sacristy remembered and blurted out, “Oh yeah, you want money!” I was “corrected” and told that he doesn’t want money, and that we’re free to give or not give a stipend. It’s customary to give a stipend, but not required.

I wouldn’t be able able to afford it, but I would never say anything. I just wouldn’t have the mass offered. $15 is high, especially in this economy and considering priests are paid a salary and provided with living accommodations.

I recently requested a mass from our priest for “finding employment before I come homeless”. I told him I would give him money when I had some. Not an issue. I would never go through a secretary for a Mass offering just because they lack confidentiality and tact.


Really? You would never be able to schedule a Mass at my parish.

All Parish employees and volunteers, here, have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement; an Archdiocese requirement. It’s strictly enforced—one receptionist was fired for her inability to keep things private.

I worked as the Receptionist, temporarily, as the Parish searched for a permanent one. My instructions were—absolutely no one is refused, especially those unable to pay.

That is really sad. I don’t know if it’s simony or not though.

I offered a Mass recently, I organised it over the phone with a Priest, and money was not even mentioned. I filled out an envelope and put in an offering which I think is about right from my research. When I gave it to him after Mass he didn’t look inside the envelope or anything in front of me. It’s supposed to be an offering not a fee.

It was the secretary that I had interacted with. Not sure how this became a new thread, I had replied to a different thread.

I think SPLIT indicates that the moderator decided that this was drifting from the intent of the thread you posted on; so split it off to start a new thread.

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