SPLIT:Jesus, who is He?

lets start with jesus. who is he? and lets drop all religious background, both catholic and protestant, and get down to buisness. what was his purpose? what is his purpose?and what is he to you?

I guess you want the cliff notes right

Jesus Christ, the 2nd person of the Trinity, the Head of His Church, the Vine to whom I have been grafted. who for my sake and my salvation came down from Heaven, suffered, was crucified and died for my sins. My Light and my Salvation who rose again from the dead and ascended into Heaven. The same God and Savior who will also Judge me at my death and all of man kind and the end of time.

The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Alpha and Omega.

My Brother who has sheltered me under His wing and given me to His Father in Heaven.

The One who Loves me and calls me to be holy and walk in His ways.

It is him of whom you speak correct?


Remember also that we can speak in Christianise sometimes. We use words that people don’t always understand what we are saying.

Lets look at the person of Jesus, he was a carpenter who started his ministry around the age 30. Jesus, means YAWH saves, and Christ means annointed one. Jesus walked the earth and was fully human, but was also fully divine. He was not God in a man suit (Marcion). He lived a sinless life to show us how to live, he is the fullfillment of the Jewish law. He showed us how to create the Kingdom of God “a place where God’s love reigns”. Then Jesus died and rose again and now lives in relationship with us and his Church. Jesus now wants us so the human and the divine can appoach one another to create a relationship. Then from there our common relationship with Jesus, is also with Jesus in others, creating God’s family.

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