SPLIT: Married to non-baptized person

OK If you are married out side of the Catholic church and did not ask anyone if you could do it, what does that mean? Are you in trouble? To late.

You are excommunicated until such time as you get your marriage “blessed” in the Church. This is normally a relatively simple procedure. Talk to your Pastor. :slight_smile:

Were you married by a Catholic priest though? If so, I suspect the venue wouldn’t make the marriage invalid, just illicit - and I further suspect that convalidation wouldn’t be required for a merely illicit marriage. Don’t quote me though.

She said that they didn’t ask permission for it, which seems to suggest that there was no Catholic priest involved with the wedding. I can’t imagine a Catholic priest going ahead with something like that, without first asking his Bishop for permission.

It means that your marriage is not recognized as valid in the Church and you cannot recieve the sacraments until this situation is fixed. The fix is called a “convalidation”, your Priest has gone through this process many times and knows exactly how to help you with it.

HI, I was Catholic he wasn’t,we were married in a Gospel church but my husband was never baptized in his life we just found out. He is going to RCIA classes right now. Nancy

Thanks be to GOD!

This will be part of the RCIA for both of you, a Convalidation. We had one during RCIA this year, we even gave the couple a surprise reception.

Will pray for you both to be blessed as you enter into a sacramental marriage upon his baptism and your convalidation!

What if I dont? I may not want to get married over again.I just may want my freedom:D

Once you understand what your options are, and what the end result is for each, it’s up to you and your husband, what choices you make. My intention is not to tell you what to do, but rather, simply to let you know what is possible for you.

The penalty of excommunication was removed some twenty years ago.

Realy? OH! Rat’s!:frowning:

October 1, 1970 (see here).

HI Just Lurking, i just read the site you gave and may be understood some but is it still in effect today? If it is then you are not married if one is Catholic and the other has never been baptised? right? Unless you go beofre the priest and do your vows again? And he would have to be baptised first etc? Nancy

October 1, 1970 was the date that the excommunication was removed, per item 15 of that web site:

  1. The penalties decreed by canon 2319 (see below) of the Code of Canon Law are all abrogated. For those who have already incurred them the effects of those penalties cease, without prejudice to the obligations mentioned in number 4 of these norms.
Canon 2319, § 1:
"Catholics are under an excommunication latae sententiae reserved to the Ordinary:
(1) who contract marriage before a non-Catholic minister contrary to canon 1063, § 1, 1:
(2) who contract marriage with an explicit or implicit agreement that all children or any child be educated outside the Catholic Church;
(3) who knowingly presume to present their children to non-Catholic ministers to be baptized;
(4) who, being parents or taking their place, knowingly present their children to be educated or trained in a non-Catholic religion.

Nothing else was changed, only the excommunication penalty itself was dropped. Catholics who marry outside the Catholic Church are still in an invalid marriage, until they come back to the Catholic Church and repeat their vows before a priest.

The bishop can issue a dispensation for a non-baptized spouse. The priest will have the paperwork to request such a dispensation.

What is a despensation and if it no legal then we are living in sin ha! Now does that go for everyone else that is not catholic married outside the catholic church? Like other demominations? Nancy

It applies to EVERY Catholic, not Married according to the laws of the Catholic Church. Even if they are a “non-practicing” Catholic.

So I am the sinner and he is not because he was never baptized?

As a non-Baptized person he may not see anything wrong with fornication, however because you are a Baptized Christian, you are held to a higher standard, and should see this differently. Scripture says fornicators will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Non Catholics can be married civilly or by protestant or other ministers. Those are considered valid until proven otherwise. Catholics must be married according to the teachings of the church. Therefore the issue lies with the Catholic.

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