SPLIT: OK to comsume dropped host?

I thought that another option was to dilute the Precious Blood until it no longer resembled wine, and then dispose of the liquid down the sacrarium? People forget that the Church’s teaching is that once the appearance of bread and wine is removed, for example, by dissolving a Host in water, it is no longer the Real Presence.

We had a similar situation when a wasp dropped into a chalice on the altar. The wasp was thoroughly soaked in the Precious Blood, but the priest wasn’t obligated to eat the wasp - it was just flushed down the sink.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong morally with consuming a dropped Host (as long as you dropped It), but due to health reasons it would be inadvisable.

The wasp isn’t the problem. In the New Mass, the chalice is uncovered most of the time. This may be according to the rubrics but it’s still sloppy behavior in treating the Blood of Christ.

Imagine the outcry if such exposure to a liquid happened in the hospital and the patient died.

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