SPLIT: Problem--have no baptismal certificate


Sir/Ma’am I have a problem about my Baptismal cert. I dont have baptismal and i dont know what parish. Even my relatives dont know. My problem we will attend Mass Wedding. I need my baptismal. I cant baptist again.


In what country were you baptized?


Philippines. My family did not know where i was baptized and any date. We will attend Mass Wedding the problem is i dont have baptismal.


From your post I understand that you want to get married in the Catholic Church but have no way of proving you’ve been baptized. I assume you mean you were baptized Catholic.

You would have to figure out where your family was living when you were baptized – or when you were born, assuming you were baptized soon after you were born – and then contact all the churches in the area until you find the one where you were baptized. You could also contact the diocese, they might have archives with those records, though I wouldn’t count on it.




What evidence do you have of your baptism? There might be a way to have it attested to sufficiently for the records with no certificate, as is done for protestant converts.


Do your parents remember? Do your Ninang and Ninong (godparents) remember?


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