SPLIT: Receiving communion while in mortal sin

Laudateur Jesus Christus,
Let me share my experience. I have been receiving Eucharist in a state of mortal sin for more than a year. Don’t think I am so rude, it is the pain for me too, to crucify Jesus again. So why I do it? Because I don’t want to cut my relationship off with God completely. Why haven’t I gone to confession yet, then? Because I am not willing to give up one sinful step against the first commandment. If I go to confession in this situation, it will be hypocrisy.

Everytime I am about to go for Communio, i feel that something is not alright. Anyway that day I feel a grace, the following day it is getting colder. It is like a boat tossed by a wide ocean. You just see it for a while, then it sinks.

However, what changes the situation is, when you are trying to be better. Jesus is handsome, for instance, if you fasted in the week or prayed rosary.
Nevertheless, this grace given by Jesus in this state IS NOT EQUAL to the sweet sanctifying grace.

Anywayy, receiving Eucharist in a state of serious sin is THE PAIN FOR JESUS AND PARTICULAR MAN TOO. So it’s better to go to confession.

If one is recieving the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin, then the relationship with God has ALREADY been cut off!

Go to Confession, and do NOT receive until that is done. Mention that you have certain sinful habits and whatever they are.

There is no room to pity oneself into getting Communion while in state of mortal sin :nope:

Thank you very much SuperLuigi, for your painful answer and warning as well.
You’ve probably never experienced being lost sheep so you don’t know how difficult it is to reach conclusion that only Jesus is the only one and right Shepherd. It’s the sinful step I was talking about. You said i have sinner habits, well I don’t murder, I don’t steal, masturbate or practising accomplished fornication or accomplished adultery.

If I go to confession and say there "I was searching in other religions, and I regret it all, it will be hypocrisy, because I am not convinced that only Christianity is the right one. I will leave the confessional and start searching again (maybe elsewhere). " Well, maybe to your wonder, my relationship with God isn’t completely cut off although I know there’s a lack of direction in my soul.

So it’s so. Have a good time, SuperLuigi. :wink:

Ok so ive received communion about 4 times while in the state of mortal sin but I didn’t just put it in my mouth. I kept it in my pocket and brought it home. I did so because although I knew I shouldn’t receive the Eucharist while in such a state I was to embarrassed to stay at my seat plus my parents would have wanted to know why. So in short I have about four peace’s of bread from the Eucharist undamaged in a ziploc bag in my nightstand. I know I should confess this but I’m not sure what to do with the Eucharist I have once I have gone to confession.

Dear friend, I please you to bring Eucharist back to the church. Borrow the keys of the church explaining that you forgot there something important that can’t wait till next sunday and set it all right- bring Jesus’ flesh on the altar. When priest will see It there on sunday, he won’t have any word. He would just think that he forgot to return them into tabernacle.
God help you:thumbsup:

:thumbsup:To everything you said.

I received communion for years while in a state of mortal sin. I do not know what it is but truly the Church is right. Something about the sin (even if we have forgotten about the sin) changes our disposition to what we are receiving. While in that state receiving did nothing positive for me.

It’s funny how mortal and venial sin works. When in that state it was no big deal for me to miss Mass once in awhile. And being drunk also isn’t such a bad thing. Looking at scantily clad celebrities on the entertainment pages of the internet? That was no big deal either. When you are in a state of grace all those things are abhorrent to you.

When you are in a state of grace and receive you can feel His love wash over you. You feel His presence.

When you and I go to communion to NOT be embarrassed by being the only ones still in the pew, what are we really doing? We are saying to Jesus “come into the temple of my body which is unclean to save me from what other parishioners may think of me.” Holy Communion (with the focus of Jesus) has then taken a back seat to how I want people to perceive ME.

There is ignorance. There is doing my daily routine, not changing anything and maybe breaking a rule, but not knowing about it, that is not a sin. (Like not knowing the rules for reception of Holy Communion are in the back of the missallette, and closing it before you get there.) To receive then would not be a sin. I have not chosen to be ignorant In this case. That is true ignorance.

Then there is IGNORANCE. Going out of my way to change my daily routine so that I don’t see something that is going to make me maybe have to change something about myself. (Like purposefully knowing the rules for reception of Holy Communion are in the back of the missallette, but not reading them because it may say something that will affect my reception.) Here I have willfully chosen to remain ignorant. That is SHAM IGNORANCE. To receive then unworthily is a sin.


Woah, hey, stop right there, that’s incredibly bad advice. Nobody is going to loan you the keys to the church.

First of all, reserving the Eucharist without permission, taking it away without consuming it immediately, incurs a latae sententiae excommunication. Now of course that only applies if you have full knowledge of the penalty and do it anyway, just like the requirements for mortal sin. But now you know.

Secondly, you need to be honest here. Don’t sneak around and try to trick the priest. Be honest and forthright, it is your best policy. Immediately bring the hosts back to the priest, in the confessional if need be, and tell him what happened. He will take the appropriate action and counsel you as well. It is only this way that you can expect to be reconciled for committing such a terrible crime.

And for anyone who unworthily receives the Eucharist, I fully understand the temptation to do so. I did it myself for many years, even after reverting and fervently practicing my faith I just kinda ignored my state of sin when it came time to receive. This is spiritual self-harm. It is dangerous, it is playing with fire. Don’t do it. It is so vastly preferable that you abstain and risk being judged by men rather than by God. But the solution is simple. Confess and avoid sin. That is all you need to do in order to receive the Eucharist worthily once more. Confess and avoid sin. You will be in my prayers.

Return these to the Church immediately. You can do this in confession.

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