SPLIT: St. Nicholas/Santa

Jesus is like Santa, he sees and knows all.
If you don’t observe mass properly, He will know it.

There is a difference: Jesus exists, Santa doesn’t:D

St. Nicholas was a fourth-century bishop and is currently in Heaven. The reindeer and elves are another matter.[sign]VENITE ADOREMUS![/sign]

St Nickolas of myra, I think.
He believed that every child should be able to have a toy no matter what thier status in life was. i.e. a toy for every child.
most all the santa legends are based on him. the american santa legends are based mostly on a story some guy wrote to increase sales for a american department store. and the main santa image was drawn by a artist, I for get his name. which is wierd thou, the artist drew santa and mostly bald with a little tuft of white hair. and I forget how santa got a full head of long flowing curly hair. I think someone combined 2 santa images.
I myself prefer the original coke-a-cola santa thou.

Yes, I know thank you. However, he has no similarity to the modern day commercially oriented Santa Claus (or Father Christmas).

Santa Claus has changed over time. The original artist drawing had him dressed in brown. However, over a period of time his clothing became gradually redder until we ended up with the familiar character we now have.


This is how I’ve explained “Santa Claus” to my 6 year old, with the help of illustrated stories of St Nicholas. So when a Santa visited his elementary school, my son told me “a fake Santa was at my school dad” since he knows “the real Santa” is in heaven with Jesus.

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well, someone dressed as the real Santa visited our parish…


This is Polish Santa Claus AKA Saint Nicholas of Myra

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