SPLIT: The marks of the one true church


Here is the answer of your question:

This prove that:
· The MARKS of the True Church is Biblical
· That Jesus Christ founded His Church (Mat. 16:18)
· That His Church did not apostate (Mat. 28:19-20
· That Catholic Church is Biblical
· That the term Catholic Church is Biblical (Act. 9:31)
· That Catholic Church can trace its origin back to the time of Apostles.
· That Catholic Church is the Christ’ Church!


Since I had already answer your questions. Could I ask you some questions?:slight_smile:

Here’s the challenge: Brad AAC08 if you can show us evidence (Ex. Standard references, encyclopedia, world History, Almanac and book of facts, Bible, etc) that your CHURCH (not the Catholic Church) was founded by Christ, I will be joining your Church but if you fail to show us your evidence: YOU MUST BACK TO CATHOLIC CHURCH! :smiley:


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