SPLIT: Who can do what at Mass?

Thank you for responding to my question on the kids Mass. It was very helpful.
I have another question that perhaps you can help me with: When Communion service is offered, rather than a Mass, and no Deacon is available… Who has the authority to offer Communion service. How is it done? What is the correct methods? This question has come up at my parish as well…Some believe the lay person can give a homely; I disagree. I would appreciate any light you can shed on this issue.
Thanks, Maureen


A Communion Service can be offered by any member of the faithful, so long as the Priest/Pastor or local Ordinary (Bishop) has given his permission. At least that is the way it happens in my Diocese.

As far a a homily goes, during the Mass, only a Deacon or Priest may homilize.
A Communion Service is not a Mass, therefore there is no “homily”.
Any member of the faithful could, in theory, offer a “reflection” on the readings of the day.

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