SPLIT: Wrong date on baptismal certificate?


Good Afternoon,

I am confuse because my Baptismal Certificate states that my birthday is november 30, 1987 but actually the correct date is november 21, 1987. since its the requirement of church for wedding. What should I do? Should I correct the entry in chruch where i was baptized( i am baptised in Bulacan and im presently residing now in davao) Or Should I just refer them my NSO Birth copy? Please help me with your advise.Thanks!




Send a certified copy of your birth certificate along with a letter to the parish where you were baptized. Ask them to annotate your baptismal record with the correct date.

They will make a note in the baptismal record. Note: sacramental records can never been crossed through or erased, but they can be amended with notes.


I know somebody who has a date on her baptismal certificate that is before she was born and it is also incorrect in the parish record. Should make genealogical research interesting for her descendants.


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