Spokane Valley student paper offends many

Seattle Times:

Spokane Valley student paper offends many

SPOKANE VALLEY — — The student paper at University High School in the Spokane Valley has offended many people with a column that asked students, "If you could be famous for anything, what would you be famous for?"

One student said he wants to be famous for "killing someone famous." Others said "mass murderer," "having an affair with the president," "dropping a nuke on the Middle East," and "leader of the KKK."

Officials at the Central Valley School District are looking into how the story was printed Friday in the school newspaper, The Mercury.
The district says administrators don't read the school newspaper before it is printed, KHQ-TV reports.

These are the kids I'm gonna have to depend on for my Social Security.


All I saw at first was the word "university", so I assumed that like my university the last issue of the year is a joke issue.

But, if it's a high school then obviously they're not at the end of the year. So they're just getting stuff past the radar. :(

The principal of the school doesn’t proofread the paper. A paid staff editor apparently didn’t see it. Two of the three student editors say they didn’t see it until after it was published.

Some of the students gave legitimate answers, such as curing cancer and being a pro boxer. but others were deliberately being outrageous. High school students are not unfamiliar with being deliberately outrageous. All the undistributed copies of the newspaper were gathered and destroyed.

The student journalist should never have included the joke comments in print, but high school students sometimes do stupid things. The student paper should have had better oversight by adults. I bet it does in the future.

Quite honestly, it sounds like kids being smart-alecs. Still, they can't just let that slide.

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