Spoke in Adoration


Hey, I went to adoration and I know it isn’t okay to speak in Adoration. However, the other person present was breathing weird and I asked him if he was okay because I thought he might be having a medical emergency. Is that acceptable?


(This is a complete sentence.)


Of course. You have to view the rules in light of common sense. When they say no talking during adoration, they mean no idle chatter that distracts people from prayer. What you did clearly doesn’t violate the spirit of the rule.


I think our Lord would have been concerned if you said nothing in this situation.


Are you scrupulous? If so, it would be advisable to see a priest and a mental health professional.


No. I was just having a moral dilemna


Good, just making sure. We get many scrupulous types on this forum. God Bless!


Matthew 12:11-12 comes to mind here:


Wow thank you. Best answer thus far


its fine to speak in adoration . You were showing concern for another. Thats what Jesus would do


I take 6 kids to adoration. Silence? Ha! Sometimes when I’m ALONE in adoration I speak very frankly and openly to God. Tonight was one of those nights…


@mr.p , every Catholic church where the Eucharist is reserved is a place for adoration .

Jesus is no more present whether the Host is in a monstrance , is in a ciborium , or is in a tabernacle . His Eucharistic Presence is the same in all three .

Having said that , Jesus is also really present in the person who was next to you and was breathing weirdly .

In ministering to that person you were ministering to Jesus .

So don’t worry , because you did the right thing .


As in Church or at the Theater or in the Library or in class, it is rude to carry on conversations in an Adoration chapel when others are present. This is common etiquette.

It sounds as if you were being kind and charitable.


Of course. Have you ever been to benediction? Songs, prayers and sometimes reflections, silence is good but a sin to speak.
For some reason it reminds me of a story About the young marrued lady who ask the priest if it was okay to have sex before mass. The priest, an older Irish priest, with a twinkle in his eye said, of course just don’t block the center isle!


I’ve been to an adoration where the priest did a lot of speaking. I hadn’t minded, but discussing it years later with others I found that most kind if wanted him to be quiet. Silence at adoration is more for letting others be able to have a beneficial adoration, not because speaking is inherently wrong at adoration. To borrow from TheLitrleLady, speaking at a movie theater would be rude. Speaking at home when watching the same movie is less likely to be so.

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You did the right thing by showing care.

While I am accustomed to prayers with my community during Holy Hour & Benediction in my parish I am accustomed to and prefer silence during adoration. This is part of my one on one time with Jesus that I look forward to. Recently I visited a Cathedral in a different diocese vs my usual adoration chapel. I did not know it at the time that each hour when they switched the adorers in a loud voice one of them would quote a short verse of praise. It was startling! I was there for a couple of hours and it shook me each time. As I was saying my final prayers to leave someone approached me and asked me if I was in their adoration ministry. Again even though she whispered I was startled but nodded no. She then asked me if I could stay with her as the other adorers needed to leave. She explained it is their custom to have 2 present at all times. Of course I would not refuse such an invitation to spend more time with the Lord. The talking did not disturb me other than being startled. I did not see this particular conversation as being disrespectful. I did dedicate that hour of prayer that more hearts would be so moved to spend time with Jesus in adoration especially the hours of the day that the ministry is struggling to find people available.


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