Spokesmen for the Church

I wonder if anyone in the Catholic hirearchy ever thought of a TV campaign to “get the word out” about the Church and really get people’s attention in a positive way. Maybe get someone like Mark Wahlberg (misic, film, daily mass attendee), Jim Caviezel (TV’s ‘Person of Interest’ and the film ‘Passion of the Christ’), or Tom Brady (NFL QB extrordinaire) to do a spot on TV, or go on the radio… I think a Catholic with some pop-culture cache could really get noticed.

I know that most celebs probably wouldn’t want to attatch their names to such a ‘controversial’ organization as the Catholic Church, but you never know. Certainly worth looking into. There has to be SOMEBODY out there who would be willing to speak for 30 seconds. I know Whalberg and Caviezel most likely don’t give a fig what anybody thinks about them and would do it… Thoughts?

Your prayers have been answered. A month ago.

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