SpongeBob SquarePants

Any fans here? I LOVE the series. Good quality laughs and fun. I grew up with it, and it’s great no matter how old you are. Jokes for everybody to get. I love the characters and the voice actors obviously have a lot of fun playing them. So any thoughts? As SpongeBob himself would say, I’m Ready! :smiley:

My little cousin watches it all the time now but I used to always watch it when it first came on and I was younger. The “I’m ready” part -->:rotfl::rotfl:

Watched this with my grandson and still do sometimes although he is 15 now. The series is really gentle most of the time.

Yup. I like me some Spongebob now and again. He sometimes helps me unwind at the end of a hectic day. :wink:

I love SpongeBob!
I’m almost 30, but I love it. I have SB pencils, just makes me smile to think of it during the day.
We didn’t get it here until a few years ago, I’d never heard about it before, but it’s so sweet and funny.
I like how honest he is, although it keeps getting him in trouble.

But I like cartoons in general, can’t wait to have kids to pass it on.

I :heart: Gary


I didn’t even like cartoons as a child with the exception of Tom & Jerry.

You know Sponge Bob is gay, right? He and Patrick are a couple.


I always thought he’d end up with the squirrel.

Blech! I will allow it in small quantities in my house, but it is not my cup of tea.

When my son was younger, he would watch it all the time and I personally thought it was darn funny, but now that he’s 10, he’s moved on to the scripted comedy shows on Nick and Disney XD.

That’s ridiculous. Source please. This is how these stupid things get out of control. People say things and others just repeat them.

I didn’t think it was a very serious comment, but you are right.

But I really don’t see SB as gay, I think he’d go a little eeew and just move on.

It used to be good, but the newer episodes are pointless.

Well I apologize if were meant as a joke, but usually people put a :smiley: when they are kidding…

It wasn’t my quote, so I don’t know, just my impression. :slight_smile:
But I still think you’re right, such things can grow out of proportion if someone takes them too seriously.

I refused to let my kid watch it when it first came out. Really? A kitchen sponge with pants? I just couldnt stand it. That is until I actually watched it! I actually laugh out loud. Im tired of everyone saying that he and Patrick are gay. Cant tv show a strong male relationship without people going all gaga over them being gay? Are these same people going cuckoo over Bambi? He seems to be a very girlie little deer. Look at it from a kids point of view and its all very innocent. Im saying this and Im usually one of the ones keeping my kids from watching stuff that most everybody else watches.( I hate the Disney pre-teen ****)

The kids and I love SB. Hubby hates it, so does my sister and her husband. Too bad for them. :wink:

Guys… guys… The important thing is, Eugene H. Krabs is voiced by… The Kurgan!!! Clancy Brown.


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