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I just sponsored a child through Compassion. I heard about it at a christian concert, I didn’t looked into it and got excited and sponsored an adorable little girl from India. I just found a catholic sponsorship program though, I think Compassion is evangelical. I was just wondering what people thought, because I don’t want to stop it now that I have started it. Thank you.

I also have sponsored children through Compassion. There are arguments for and against them, and you can find a lot of these types of comments on the charity’s own website (I think there is a link to their forum on the homepage). Also on the homepage, Compassion International explains that they are a Protestant program, not because they are anti-Catholic, but because they felt that there were already Catholic charities available for children in other countries. Plus they did not want to start WW3 in areas with strong Protestant/Catholic antagonism.

I sponsored a girl from India because I wasn’t sure what messages she might be receiving from her circumstances and culture, and I wanted her to feel that someone cares about her. I also sponsored a young Indian woman through Children International, a charity which is not religious in nature.
I sponsored the child from Children International for several years and then she graduated the program; the child from Compassion International stayed in the program for a few months and then left, and I was provided with another child in similar circumstances to sponsor. I think I’m on the fourth child now; maybe because it is exclusively Christian in a non-Christian culture, they don’t seem to stay very long?

I would be interested in a Catholic sponsorship program as well, if anyone can recommend a good one!

I have sponsored through compassion for about 2 years. Like you we signed up at a concert. The child had my same birthday. Later, during some troubles we had to drop the sponsorship. Compassion was very understanding and helpful. However from then on we have focused our charity to specifically Catholic organizations. I never really was exposed to the type of theology they taught the child. And for that reason I would be hesitant to do it again.

That is why I’m hesitant. However, if I’m helping a child in need what’s the difference? Compassion was the best one that I could find, I really want to get to know this girl and let her know that someone cares about her and is willing to pray everyday for her.

Like I said. Compassion was great to work with. And I think it is a good organization.

I just expressed my current reason why I don’t participate anymore.

Make sure you really do write your child. They do read them your letters.

From the website, you can send instant letters and choose which stationary it will be printed on, too. :cool:

I know it’s amazing! I did it the first night I signed up, and my wife is going to sponsor a child now too!

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