Hello! Does anyone have ideas of what I can do as a sponsor? My person and I live in different states and I would like to be more involved but I am not sure how. So far, I have a book to send and a letter I wrote.

Could you please post some of the ways you were involved or what a sponsor has done for your journey? Thank you!


What type of sponsor do u mean? Do you mean a spiritual director? RCIA? More info will help:thumbsup:


One of my friend’s sons asked me to be his confirmation sponsor this spring. They seem to view it as a name on the paper, but I’m trying to do a little more than that. (They, too, are in a different state.) For Christmas, I sent him a book with a note. (Haven’t heard that he got it, but that’s a teen for you.) I keep him in my prayers. For confirmation, I will send a gift.

I’ve thought of sending a note shortly before confirmation encouraging him to receive the sacrament of reconciliation before confirmation.

I’m looking forward to see what other ideas people have.

Of what I’ve done so far, I think the prayer might be the most valuable.


It’s not “just” a name on paper. You also have to be present for the ceremony itself.

When I’m doing Sacramental Preparation, I encourage the kids to be in contact with their sponsors once a week (by phone or by e-mail, at least, if not in person) to share what they are learning. Maybe you could be the one to initiate contact, and find out what he is learning, and talk about it.


My person is a teen who will be confirmed this spring. Unfortunately, I have been unable to attend the sponsor meeting since I live out of state.


I know it’s not just a name on the paper, but… It is not likely that I will be present for the ceremony itself due to the distance, but I’ve been told that a proxy can stand in for me.

Last time I spoke with him on the phone, I got an earful about Blago and the antics of the democrats, but not much of a spiritual nature.

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