SPORTS: Euro Cup '08

Has anyone been keeping up with the Euro Cup (for some that may not know, it’s soccer)? I’ve been looking forward to this for months.
I’m really hoping Germany wins. This is my team. I was so crushed when Italy beat them in the world cup two years ago.
So far they seem to be doing very well.
If anyone is a fan, please forgive me, but I was so very happy to see Italy beaten yesterday. I don’t like the Italian team at all, it’s my least favorite team. I just feel they play dirty and act more on the pitch than play.

Right on! I too am a fan of the “beautiful game”, the “footie”, football, err, yea, “soccer”.

And I too am hoping Germany does well. I am not going to get my hopes up but the young team members seem to be getting more experienced which is what had partially been missing before (and prior to that it was an old team…) so maybe it’s time again :slight_smile:

Though they only played one game and won, it was against a decent team so that bodes well too.

My family on both sides is German (mother was born there; father’s side has its heritage almost 100% there) so even though I am born in the U.S.A. I have always had an attachment to the German team.

Thanks for rooting for Germany. It is my home country, so I always root for Germany. Unless they play the USA then I hope for a tie.

Even though I am American born, i just dont feel an attachment to the team and that is not even because they dont win…:smiley: Just something about them, can’t put my finger on it.

Additionally, I always find it amusing how people in the U.S. claim they do not like soccer because they think it is boring – yet at the same time embrace baseball, which, really, you have to admit is a very slow paced sport with only spots of excitement…like when someone actually hits the ball…and then actually makes it to the base…

Really what it is, is that we here in the States don’t have a winning team. How much would you like to bet that if we had a consistently winning team that all of a sudden soccer would take off as a sport in the U.S.

And i say this as an American (with the above noted German ancestry).


Why aren’t all the countries in Europe laying in Euro '08? I don’t see England or Ireland involved, or Belgium, or Norway. I don’t understand why.

These teams arent involved for the simple reason that they did not qualify. Englands footballers are lazy, overpaid prima donnas and I cant imagine them ever winning another major tournament, without a major shakeup. Rooney, Terry, Crouch are content to swan about Europes beaches with a cocktail in one hand and a WAG in the other, with football being the furthest thing from their minds.

Unfortunately Scotland missed qualifying by a hair, losing to Italy who cheated their way through the game, as they did to win their last World Cup. So I too, was only too glad to see them get hammered yesterday, that brought a big smile to my face.

Well, so far I like how Holland looks, and would not be disappointed to see them win the Euro tournament. They would well deserve to if they continue to play the way they did in their opening game.

I don’t really care who wins, as long as there is good soccer. I wouldn’t mind seeing an upset winner, maybe Croatia, but to have two upsets in a row would be a big surprise (Greece last time).

I want to root for Portugal, but have grown to dislike C. Ronaldo quite a bit since the WC. He’s so very talented, but such a huge actor and crybaby.

As ever, I’ll hope for a good showing by Spain—so beautiful to watch— but likely be disappointed, as ever. (They looked pretty good today, though).

What a wonderful crackup that England failed to qualify! Their fans are some of the most vocal and it’s amazing how much we can hear them with their heads stuck so deeply into the sand!

(For the uninitiated–England has the best league, but it is filled with non-English players. English fans have the illusion that, since such great soccer is played in their country in that league, they have one of the very top national teams in the world.)

I’m an English fan and I don’t think we have one of the very top international teams in the world, I do think that our league is very exciting though.

I think it will probably do English football a lot of good not to be in the European championships, our national team will get a chance to move on from the " golden generation" that has not delivered, and it will get the team out of the spotlight a bit, and they can finally have a break!

I’ve watched a couple of matches and listened to more on the radio…so far I’d be more than happy if The Netherlands or Spain won.

I’m half German, and am very proud of my heritage. My mom was born in Germany, but moved to america when she was 13.
I love the German team. They don’t seem to be cry babies like so many other teams.

I agree with what someone said about C. Ronaldo. He does seem talented, but very in love with himself. I find him to be annoying.

I also agree with what someone said about the American team. There is something about them, they just don’t seem to want to put an effort into their playing. The womens team on the otherhand is very good. I was really upset that the womens world cup wasn’t broadcast more in the US last year.

Croatia just beat Germany, which is huge because that will likely force Germany to face a hot Portuguese team in the next round (qtrs–elimination). Wow that will be an incredible match!!! I would have taken that for the final.

Anyone catch that delectable (:wink: ) Swiss-Turkey matchup yesterday? Absolutely fantastic!

I’ve been interested in watching the euro-cup but i don’t know where it is shown… can any of you show me where i can see it? maybe there is some place online bc i dont think there is a channel where I can watch it… thanks!

(im rooting for either italy or spain though… hope it doesn’t cause too much of a problem :smiley: )

Depends where you live and where you want to watch (home or ?). It is being shown in the U.S. on ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes. It is also on some Mexican channels. If you have to watch on the computer you can see it on

Germany hasn`t qualified for the next round,… yet.

Thanks NPS :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello eveyone, I really don’t watch futbol much, although I like the enthusiasum that the crowd brings during the game and the love and loyalty for the teams participating. I come from a heritige that loves futbol,but I’m from the U.S.A. and in the states futbol really isn’t that big. My heritige also loves another sport that dosn’t get much play unless it a big event, and I know it is big in europe, because there are a few represenitives from there that are pretty good. My heritige is Mexican and my sport is BOXING. Any boxing fans out there? Germany has a couple of good boxers(Felix Sturm,Arthur Abraham). England has some too(Joe Calzaghe,Ricky Hatton). There are going to be some good boxing matches in the coming weeks and months.The one to watch is defenitatly Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto in July.A great rivalry in boxing is Mexican vs. Puerto Rican,so i’m sure it will be a tough match with skill.:thumbsup:

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